What Leads To Suicide?

According to research from the World Health Organization, roughly 800,000 people commit suicide each year. It’s the highest leading cause of death for individuals between the ages of 15 – 29 years old, second highest for ages between 15 – 34, and third highest for ages 10 – 14.

As Pysch2Go points out, major depression is the most common cause of suicide, as it can lead to actual physical pain, and will severely affect a person’s ability to see cognitive solutions to their perceived problems – This leads to the clouded rationalization that the world would simply be better off without them.

Loss of control is another major contributing factor to suicidal thoughts – Substance abuse can actually lead to maladaptive behavior, and suicide can feel like the only way to rectify things.

The final biggest contributing factor? Regret. The idea that a mistake or misstep is a sign of failure can often lead to internalization and the only way to make up for their mistake is to take their own life.

The pain and negative thoughts can be overwhelming, and in the mind of a suicidal individual, the act of taking their own life is seen as cathartic and a solution to a problem they feel they can’t solve otherwise.

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