True Brotherhood: How to Create Lifelong Relationships

As human beings, we intrinsically desire fellowship with other human beings. True brotherhoods are one such outlet, a way to develop meaningful relationships with other likeminded men. Some brotherhoods are family based; many fathers, sons, and brothers naturally maintain a close bond. But for those who don’t have strong family ties, the foundation for a true brotherhood is found in creating lifelong relationships.

Why Are Lifelong Relationships Important?

Most men enjoy the companionship of other men who share similar views and interests. A true brotherhood usually revolves around common ground – religious affiliations, political views, sports, or other interests. A true brotherhood creates an environment for men to discuss, challenge, and build one another up.

The bond of lifelong relationships fosters an environment that encourages personal development and growth. Men like to see real life situations modeled by other men. Solutions are lived out in real time, and men evaluate their effectiveness. Through real time observation and discussion, a group of lifelong friends navigates their way through life together.

A true brotherhood can help fill the void that comes with a fatherless home. More and more boys are growing up without a strong male father figure to guide them and model the camaraderie that’s found in these lasting relationships. A group of loyal friends can bridge that gap and offer strong, nurturing relationships with fellow men.

What Are Your Goals for a True Brotherhood?

We’ve established some pretty compelling reasons for you to get involved in a true brotherhood and form uplifting lifelong relationships with likeminded men. But where do you begin? How do you go about finding these likeminded men? Before you go looking for a true brotherhood, you’ll need to figure out what you want from this group of men. What do you hope to gain through interaction with the group? And what do you plan to contribute to the other members?

For instance, you may be looking for a true brotherhood of men who love adventure. Perhaps you have a bucket list of activities that you want to complete in the next several years. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to do woodworking activities. Maybe you already do a lot of woodworking, and you’d love to share your hobby with other men. If you’re into music, a group band may be the perfect outlet for your creative abilities! From debate about current political situations to shooting hoops at the local basketball court, there are so many different opportunities for a true brotherhood!

How to Create a True Brotherhood

So, you’ve established the atmosphere of your true brotherhood. Many of the men who join up will probably become good friends, and some may even become those lifelong friends that you desire. Now, how do you go about finding these lifelong friends for your true brotherhood?

Well, you could join a club that’s already been established in your area. Perhaps you enjoy hunting during the hunting season, and you have located a group of local hunters who go out hunting together. This would be a great group to attend. During the off season, you can enjoy sharing hunting stories and getting ready for the next hunting season!

But if there’s no local group that meets your needs, you can try to establish your own group. Choose the focus of your true brotherhood and start recruiting your members! There are many ways to find men who could easily become lifelong friends:

  • Establish a maximum size for your brotherhood. Usually 6-10 people is a good size. You’ll also want to establish a fitness level. For instance, if you plan to do a lot of outdoor activities, your members should be physically able to keep up with others in the group.
  • Think about current people you know. Are there any coworkers, fellow church members, neighbors, or family members that you’d like to get to know better? These may be the perfect people to approach about joining.
  • However, before you invite anyone to join, you should probably consider spending a weekend with them. Could you hang out with them for an entire weekend without being frustrated? If not, they probably aren’t the right person to join your group!
  • Creating a group on or advertising locally on Craigslist or FaceBook are other options for finding local members.

If all else fails, you can turn to virtual platforms to create your true brotherhood. Virtual groups aren’t usually local, but you could have good discussion in a chatroom setting.

Take Time to Bond with Your New True Brotherhood

For a true brotherhood to truly support its members, meetings need to happen often. Discussion groups will probably want to choose an evening or two every month to get together. Those who are planning outdoor activities may choose to get together once a month. Whatever your schedule, just make sure that you’re getting together enough to nurture healthy lifelong friendships with your true brotherhood!

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