A Father’s Fear: 3 Moments Every Father Will Face

Fatherhood is a great and wonderful experience. There are many joyful moments that stand out, but there are also times that can make even the most confident father quake in his khakis. Even the toughest father will fear these three moments that every father will face.

The Boyfriend/Girlfriend

This first fear may seem more frightening when you are dealing with a daughter’s first boyfriend, but all fathers fear facing this moment. For the first time, you are no longer the only man in your daughter’s life, and you are no longer the person your son wants to hang out with. You know this is part of growing up, but you begin to realize your place in their life is beginning to grow smaller and smaller.

The Car

You can always spot a new driver when you are on the road. You give them a wide berth and lots of distance and think, “Man, I’d hate to be that kid’s dad.” Then one day, you are the one who is teaching them how to parallel park and merge into traffic flying past at 70 mph. It is bad enough when you are in the car with them, wishing you had your driver’s ed. passenger side brake, but then that first night comes when they ask for the keys. This is a true trust-building time for you and them, but it is a moment you will face with fear, no matter how good of a driver they have become.

The Phone Call

It really doesn’t matter what the phone call is about, but whenever your caller-ID tells you your child is calling, you know it probably won’t be good news. You fear this moment and the unknown dread it causes. Your mind runs the gamut from any number of maladies: “the car died, I’m in jail, I need some money, I’m calling from the hospital.” If only they called more with stories of “I aced the test, I got a promotion, I just wanted to say I love you.” You could face that call with the hope that everything is fine and no one is hurt.

No matter the situation or the fear, real men face their challenges head-on. Fatherhood brings many new fears that you never thought were possible; however, it is times like these that help you prove your worth.

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