Outdoor Survival: Cooking On a Rock

When survival cooking with a rock, outdoor survival expert, Tim MacWelch shows us how to cook using only things you can find in nature. MacWelch starts us off with some simple safety tips. The first one is that we should always make sure we pick rocks that are dry. If a rock is wet or moist, the heat from the fire can cause the water to expand, resulting in a dangerous explosion.

When building your rock grill, he encourages us to build a flat, sturdy grill that has no risk of tipping over. He suggests using granite as the cooking surface that sits over the fire. He suggests pouring a little water on the stove to check if it is even. If the water trails off the side, then you may need to slip in a few small stones to either side to make sure it is even.

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When you’re making the fire, MacWelch suggests using small branches because they produce a more intense flame and less smoke. To check if your rock grill is ready to cook, pour a little more water on the surface, and if the water turns to steam instantly, you’re ready to cook.

He tells us to tend to the flame the whole time while cooking to make sure the rock is heating up evenly. Greasy foods are the best kinds to cook on a rock stove because the grease will naturally keep the foods from sticking. He cooks bacon first as a demonstration. After the layer of oil is on the surface, almost anything can be cooked without sticking to the rock. He then throws a juicy steak on the stove.

MacWelch gives us more safety tips by adding that we should never turn our backs on our food because the grease can trail off the stove into the fire creating a large grease fire that can burn your food or worse, start a forest fire.

If you liked this tutorial, check out MacWelch’s other survival tips at his Outdoor Life website. Happy cooking!

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