Easy Style Upgrades For Your Wardrobe and Your Look

If you ask any guy on the street what their most comfortable outfit is, most would fall back on the classic jeans and a t-shirt. However, if that is all you wear (when you’re not at work, that is), you will find your style to be one-dimensional and stale. There is hope! Here are some easy style upgrades that will enhance your appearance and freshen up your options.

  • Throw out the old
    The first easy style upgrade is to be willing to part with your old, faded Led Zeppelin and Nirvana t-shirts. Thrift stores are great homes for old and tired outfits. You must be willing to give up and move on from the things you wore twenty years ago. This first step is hard, but essential to the process. You can keep a few relics to bring out from time to time or to wear around the house, but it is important to weed out the things that have holes and paint spots as well as those that may be a size or two too small for you now. Also, remember that many of the styles you wore years ago may no longer look good on a man of your age (I’m looking at you, skinny jeans).
  • Be open to new ideas
    The next step style upgrade is to be open to new ideas. Check out some collared shirts, flannels, corduroy pants, and sweaters. Be open to trying different colors. It is possible to have too much blue in your wardrobe. Throw in some oranges or greens. Instead of solid colors, look for pattern prints to update your style. You don’t have to break the bank here either. While you were donating your old style to the thrift store, other guys were donating their stuff. What is old and tired on one guy might contribute to your fresh style.
  • Try new combinations
    Now that you’ve added more options to your wardrobe, another simple style upgrade is to look for multiple ways to combine your new threads. Wear your new collared shirt with your jeans or your khakis. Mix and match color combinations so that you can re-wear different items in unique ways. Admittedly, you might need a little help with this part. If you are not sure, get a second opinion and either write down combination ideas or take photos to remind you how they look together until you are comfortable with pairing items on your own.
  • Change your accessories
    Now that your clothing has been updated, you can add some easy style upgrades with your accessories. As a guy, you probably don’t have, nor really need to have, the same accessory options that most women have, but there are a few things you can keep on hand to change things up. One is with your eye-glasses (if you wear them). Change out the frame style you’ve worn since college for a different shape. Go from oval to square or aviator style to round. Change the wire frame to a plastic one. If you don’t wear glasses, find a new pair of sunglasses. Your watch can also be changed out. There are different colored bands, or you can go from metal band to a leather one. Change out your belt, your hat, your shoes.
  • Change your hairstyle
    Other easy style upgrades simply involve a $10 haircut. Change where your part is, or grow your hair out a little bit. If your hair is already long, shorten it up. The change in your hairstyle will change how your face is framed, and any change will give you a new appearance that will draw people’s attention. If you want to skip the snips but want a more drastic change, try some dyeing. Be careful with this one though; you don’t want to overdo it.
  • Change your facial hair
    Other affordable and easy style upgrades can be accomplished through your facial hair. The solution is simple: if you have facial hair, shave. If you don’t have facial hair, grow it out. Try different combinations of sideburns, goatees, and mutton chops. You can grow the whole thing out Grizzly Adams style or add a small soul patch. Go for the five o’clock shadow at eight in the morning or go as smooth as Patrick Stewart’s bald head. Get involved with No-shave November and continue into Don’t-shave December, or try out the newest electric razor you’ve been meaning to buy. 
  • If you’d like some tips on growing your beard, check out our article on 5 Tips to Growing a Massive Beard.

These style upgrades don’t need to be traumatic or dramatic. If you need to, start small and branch out when you are comfortable. You won’t change who you are simply by changing your outfit, but sometimes an upgrade can help.

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