7 Reasons Why You Should Work for Yourself

Have you ever thought about leaving the corporate world behind, or any career world for that matter, and going into business for yourself? Don’t just daydream about it—do it! In this day of modern technology, it’s not as crazy or unpredictable as you might think. With a wealth of resources behind you (not to mention the government funding options for new businesses), let’s simply start with a look at the reasons you should work for yourself. Dreams can become reality.

  1. Your Interests
    Yes, you have a degree in accounting, but your real passion is cycling. You enjoy working on bicycles, helping other people get started in cycling, and mapping out new routes to go cycling. Whatever the passion, you do not need to feel that you are wasting your college education to go into business for yourself. Use that vast repertoire of knowledge and pursue what you enjoy most.
  2. Your Time
    Bankers’ hours don’t tend to be the schedule for most working people in this day and age. With email and text, laptops and smart phones, work has become a 24/7 affair that takes away from family, friends, and fun. If you work for yourself, however, you decide how long and how often you work. That’s not to say, you can just laze around and play golf every day. But if your son or daughter has a game, recital, performance—Go! If you have the opportunity to travel—Go! If you can volunteer for a community event—Go!
  3. Your Environment
    The work cubicle can be a lonely, depressing space that impacts the emotions, the thought processes, the creativity, and even the productivity. Working from home or your own business space, is freeing and uplifting. You get to choose where you work, and you get to set the ambience that reflects your personality and ensures your success.
  4. Your Commute
    Do you enjoy spending a couple hours a day every day trapped in a vehicle, facing the stress and dangers of rush hour traffic? Probably not. The daily commute is another good reason to work for yourself. You could be investing that time in your family, your interests, and your own business. And think of the money you will save on gas and vehicle maintenance.
  5. Your Betterment
    When you work for yourself, you open multiple doors of opportunity to grow as a person. You build on your past education and experience to gain more knowledge and more expertise in your field of interest. Remember that accounting degree? What better way to use it than by managing your own cycling shop. Then there is the opportunity to become an expert in what really interests you so that you can share that passion with others of like mind.
  6. Your Self-Worth
    Not every boss or coworker is going to recognize your abilities, and many will not appreciate them even if they do. This can sometimes lead to a weakened sense of self-worth and value. When you work for yourself and succeed, your self-esteem skyrockets. You feel like a valuable, contributing member of society that does not need the approval of others to feel worthy.
  7. Your Quality of Life
    Although working for yourself can be stressful and scary, the rewards are endless. You are no longer a slave to another’s demands and expectations but rather the master of your own destiny. Life is stressful no matter what career you are in, but why not take the chance on yourself and improve your quality of life by becoming your own boss?

There are other reasons why you should work for yourself, but do you really need more to convince yourself of the possibilities? Someday, you may find that Confucius was right when he said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

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