Outdoor Survival: Crafting an Emergency Bow From Nature

In a survival situation, an emergency bow can be your best friend. Food may not be your first concern, as any Legendary Explorer knows finding shelter and a water source should always come first. After your more immediate needs have been met, food becomes the next step. Humans have always used tools to enhance their physical abilities.

All Legendary Men know an emergency bow is a perfect tool to hunt for your food. Here is the best way to build a bow with survival materials.

What you will need: a sharp knife that can chop and carve, as well as 8-10ft of paracord. Also, a small saw, like that on a foldable multitool, will come in handy for making the required notches that can take your creation to the next level.

  1. The first step will be finding the wood. A young green sapling from hardwood type tree works best. The ideal sapling for this is straight, branchless, 6ft long and 2 inches wide.
  2. Next, you will use your knife or saw blade to fell the tree, taking the long wood piece. Hold it in front of you and cut it so that it is just at your chin height.
  3. Now, you can begin to carve the emergency bow. DO NOT carve the side that will end up facing your prey. Doing so will drastically reduce its strength and may result in injury. Then, start to carve material off the belly (the part facing you when you hold it). This allows it to become more flexible.
  4. Now that your tool has been shaped, you can now take your saw and make two notches on each end of it where the paracord will tie around. Angle the notches slightly down towards the belly.
  5. Now that the notches are in place, it is time to string the bow. Make a knot, permanently securing the paracord around one of the notches. Now flip it around so the tied notch is by your foot. Wrap your leg around the bow and begin to bend it. Providing the wood with tension is required if you want the bow to be powerful. String up the cord around the other notch before laying it on the ground. Step on the middle of the bow while you pull the cord upward. If the bow flexes evenly you are almost done. If not, unstring the bow and shave wood off where necessary.
  6. Once each end flexes evenly, tighten the string so that if you place your fist on the middle part of the belly, your thumb should be able to touch the string when fully extended.
  7. Now your emergency bow is complete. You can now build some arrows and begin to enjoy your new survival tool!

For more info please see the link below:

UltimateOutdoorMedia’s video: How to Build a Survival Bow – Instructional Video Sample

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