Fathering with Intentionality: The Importance of Creating a Family Culture

Like most men, you were probably unprepared for fatherhood. Once your baby came home, you didn’t know what to do. You’ve managed to get through the steep and winding learning curve, and you’re now working your way through bottles and diapers like a pro. But the job of Dad still has more in store.

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The Art of Small Talk: 5 Questions NOT to Ask

For some, small talk comes quite easily. Asking appropriate questions and having a warm conversation is a natural process for them. But for others, conversing with a new acquaintance can be incredibly awkward. When you’re searching for questions to ask your new friend, stick with safe small talk etiquette and avoid these five questions at

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5 Types of Friends Every Man Needs

Throughout our lifetime, friends come and go. Some are merely acquaintances, while others grow to be close friends. And on very rare occasions, we may develop a lifetime friendship that stands the test of time and distance! At any season in life, every man needs five types of friends. These five friends help keep

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How to Remember a Person’s Name (and What to do When You Can’t)

You’ve just met someone for the first time (maybe even a particularly pretty someone). You give your name and ask for theirs. Then 2 seconds later, it’s gone—the name—poof, gone. We’ve all been there, and boy is it embarrassing. But there are some pretty simple things you can do to learn how to remember

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Why Your First Impression Matters

If you’ve ever been on a blind date, sat through a job interview, or nerved your way through meeting your girlfriend’s parents, you know that meeting new people can be intimidating. First impressions hinge on so many tiny details. Something as small as a piece of spinach stuck between your teeth, or as earth-shattering

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How to Communicate Your Needs in a Marriage

You’ve been together with your wife for years but still get in arguments over little things like what’s for dinner and who should wash the dishes. How can two people living together still not understand each other? The answer is simple: Each person has expectations that the other can’t automatically know. And that is

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How Not to Become Your Absentee Father

There’s a recent commercial out that takes Harry Chapin’s classic 1970s “Cat’s in the Cradle” hit, a song that not too subtly points out the flaws of an absentee father, and changes the lyrics to present fatherhood as it should be – a man who is always there for his children. If only a catchy

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Six Ways to Create a Romantic Holiday Date Night

Winter holidays offer a romantic atmosphere – the chilly weather, the festive decorations, and the cozy glow of a wood fire just exude romance. Make your holiday evenings even more romantic with these six ways to create a romantic holiday date night: Enjoy Local Christmas Lights Driving through festively lit streets during the holiday season

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