The Importance of Being a Father—Scientifically Speaking

The recognition of the important role of the father has resurged over the last few decades. As biologists, sociologists, and psychologists explore the depths of human development, scientists have come to realize that nothing can substitute for a father’s involvement in his child’s development. And this involvement is crucial at all stages and in all

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How to Be an Awesome Uncle

When you were a kid, older people usually fit into the category of either a taskmaster or someone who wanted to ruin all your fun. Except your uncle. You might have had several uncles, but you know you had one dude who stood out from the rest of your fun-killing family and helped you

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How Not to be Disappointed with Your Friends

Humans have an innate desire for close friendship. Some individuals can keep up with a wide circle of close friends while others choose one or two best friends. We all tend to see life and friendships through our own perspective, and that can cause problems. When a friendship doesn’t seem to be going the way

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