Paleo Diet: Everything You Need to Know to Stick To It

Following a Paleo diet offers a wide variety of advantages. Paleo diet enthusiasts report relief from seasonal allergies, increased energy, relief from migraines, and other positive results. Much of this may be due to the fresh whole foods that make up the Paleo diet. You’ll find yourself enjoying large servings of fruits and vegetables along

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“Movember” and International Men’s Day Support Men’s Issues

It began in Australia. This seems strangely appropriate; in that rugged country a movement named "Movember" would emerge that inspired a rugged sense of companionship. Companionship, and a fight against a host of often invisible enemies facing men around the world. Movember, a combination of “mo” for “moustache” and “November,” began in Australia in 1999,

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Nutrition and Supplements: What You Really Need to Know

Remember those Flintstone vitamins your mom used to give you every morning? That early childhood routine has set most of us to embark on a journey of daily vitamins and dietary supplements. But are they really necessary? Here is what you really need to know about nutrition and supplements. What Are Supplements? Supplements are just

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Prison Workout Routine: Bodyweight Exercises to Get Ripped Fast

You’ve spent time developing a workout routine that includes weights, a bench press, and exercise machines. But how do you stay fit when those things are taken away? Take a cue from jailbirds who have kept themselves fit in a cell box with only their own bodyweight for exercise equipment. Whether you’re in a small

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How to Push Your Body Through a Push-up Plateau

Plateaus develop when our body has acclimated to the training stresses and caloric intake we present it with, but a breakthrough is possible. This can happen when it comes to push-ups. Begin with a few small changes. Too many changes at once will prevent detection of the plateau’s original cause. If the changes don’t make

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How I Quit Caffeine and Became a Better Man

Many people enjoy the benefits of caffeine. It's normal to have a cup of coffee in the morning to perk yourself up before you take charge of the day. Other people do just fine perking up without drinking any coffee at all. There are an equal number of advocates on either side of this debate.

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How to Get Fit with Battle Ropes

Getting fit with battle ropes requires everything you have--you cannot half-heartedly jump into this kind of training without facing sure defeat. The best thing about getting fit with battle ropes is that you never get bored with the same old routine. There are countless ways to exercise with this training tool that you can find

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Undoing the Damage of Chronic Sitting

A sedentary lifestyle leads to many complications. Our bodies weren’t made to be sitting for long periods of time each day. We were created to be upright and moving about! Whether it’s an office job or a favorite TV show that keeps you in your seat, you need to take some steps toward undoing the