Ten Cheap Date Ideas She’ll Actually Love

Finding a cheap date your lady will like involves three steps. First, decide your budget. You don’t need to spend a fortune to prove your love. Financial responsibility will impress a good woman more than flamboyant date outings. Second, know what your lady enjoys. If she’s an active person, don’t bore her with a

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To Text or Not to Text: That Is the Question

You’ve done it! You got the girl of your dreams, you know the one you just met, to give you her cell number. Now, what do you do? Do you text or not text? You don’t want to be like the proverbial dog who finally catches the car it’s been chasing only to end up

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True Brotherhood: How to Create Lifelong Relationships

As human beings, we intrinsically desire fellowship with other human beings. True brotherhoods are one such outlet, a way to develop meaningful relationships with other likeminded men. Some brotherhoods are family based; many fathers, sons, and brothers naturally maintain a close bond. But for those who don’t have strong family ties, the foundation for a

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The Importance of Being a Father—Scientifically Speaking

The recognition of the important role of the father has resurged over the last few decades. As biologists, sociologists, and psychologists explore the depths of human development, scientists have come to realize that nothing can substitute for a father’s involvement in his child’s development. And this involvement is crucial at all stages and in all

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How to Recover from a Bad First Impression

You’ve finally landed an interview for your dream job. You try to put your best foot forward, but end up making a bad first impression. Everything seems to go wrong: you arrive late and trip on the stairs. Then you call the boss the wrong name and forget the answers to her questions. All in

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The Art of the Dinner Date

Ah, the ever popular, most noteworthy of outings—the dinner date. And no, going to McDonald’s for a couple of burgers is not a dinner date. We are talking romance, ambience, waiters in black tie, and yes, cloth napkins (that you carefully place in your lap and gracefully use to wipe your mouth). This is

How to Be an Awesome Uncle

When you were a kid, older people usually fit into the category of either a taskmaster or someone who wanted to ruin all your fun. Except your uncle. You might have had several uncles, but you know you had one dude who stood out from the rest of your fun-killing family and helped you

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How to Develop the Savoir-Faire of James Bond

It’s hard for a man to watch a James Bond film and not picture himself in the driver’s seat of his Aston Martin with a beautiful woman in the passenger seat and hot on the trail of some international bad guy. Whether you are watching the smooth-talking Sean Connery, the cool customer Roger Moore, or

How to Quit Your Job Like a Gentleman

It’s happened. You’ve finally decided to quit your job and move on to bigger and better things. Perhaps you're preparing to move to a new city, or perhaps you've been offered a wonderful new opportunity. Either way, quitting your job can be tricky. If you hated your job, then leaving like a gentleman becomes

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The Art of Small Talk: 5 Questions NOT to Ask

For some, small talk comes quite easily. Asking appropriate questions and having a warm conversation is a natural process for them. But for others, conversing with a new acquaintance can be incredibly awkward. When you’re searching for questions to ask your new friend, stick with safe small talk etiquette and avoid these five questions at

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