Outdoor Survival: Know Your Way Out of the Woods

When lost in a survival situation, finding your way in the woods can be difficult without the required equipment. Expert Legendary Explorer, Malcom from Survival Know How has an acronym that can help anyone that finds themselves lost in the woods. The acronym spells: S.T.O.P. and will help you calmly and safely find your way

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Outdoor Survival: Crafting a Primitive Fish Trap In Nature

Catching fish can be really fun but difficult without a pole. If a Legendary Explorer like yourself is ever stranded by water with life in it, you can make a fish trap out of materials all found in nature. This trap will keep the catch alive and trapped until they are needed. The first step

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Outdoor Survival: Crafting an Emergency Bow From Nature

In a survival situation, an emergency bow can be your best friend. Food may not be your first concern, as any Legendary Explorer knows finding shelter and a water source should always come first. After your more immediate needs have been met, food becomes the next step. Humans have always used tools to enhance their

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Outdoor Survival: Surviving the Cold by Befriending the Heat

Surviving the cold in freezing temperatures will prove much more difficult than surviving in a warm climate. Any Legendary Man knows that the cold is unforgiving and every bit of energy you have is valuable for preserving heat. Here are some helpful tips that will help make it easier when surviving in a freezing biome.

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Outdoor Survival: 5 Myths That Can Kill You

While we were growing up, we were told many little survival myths that were supposed to help us in extreme situations. For example, in many fictional stories, when a character is confronted by a T-Rex, the solution is usually to stand still, "because a T-Rex only senses movement." This may be fun in fiction, but we all

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Survival Swimming: How to Escape a Rip Current

Rip currents, sometimes mistakenly called rip tides, are among the deadliest of beach hazards. They are the cause of more deaths every year than sharks and even hurricanes! However, a smart swimmer can escape a rip current by taking a few practical steps. Here’s what you need to do to survive. Know where you are.

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