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Oosterschelde low tide

Long exposure shot of the Oosterschelde at low tide. With the Zeelandbrug in the background and a small sandbank in the foreground.

Canon R
35mm · f/9.0 · 30s · ISO 50
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That's a wonderful shot. I've sailed under that bridge!

Thank you Ivor. I can see the bridge from my house, fun to think that you sailed through my backyard. Small world.

It was a long time ago, nearly 40 years. You live in a wonderful part of the world. I grew up on the other side of the North Sea, in East Anglia on the Norfolk Broads, and much of the countryside there is very similar to where you are. Your inland seas and waterways are much larger, though.

You also live in a beautiful part of the world. We visited the UK quite often (our favourite holiday destination) from Cornwall, Wales, Derbyshire to Scotland. It’s been too long since we last visited , more than five years now.

This was taken with the Ziess 35