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Nate Lind

Becoming a Legend

Life has a way of sneaking up on all of us.

No man will openly admit to being a legend. What everyone man may admit to is deep down inside they want to be one. Leaving a legacy is psychologically one of a man’s primal urges as they age. I have realized in the last couple of years that I can impact the world in a big way and that I already have in some small ways up until this point. Some of what it took was to get my body and mind on the same level. I was existing, not thriving. And I was surprised to find out I wasn’t the only one.

A funny thing happened: While I was making the changes I needed to thrive, other men started reaching out to me – online, walking down the street, in the grocery store. I realized the changes I was making, the things I was thinking about – I was on to something.

How did I come to not only discover my own legendary potential but inspire a legion of men to find theirs, too?

Let me tell you all about it.

Being a Boss

I started out as a boss. As a kid, I was the fastest, strongest, tallest kid in school, from kindergarten to third grade. But I had obstacles – I grew up with six brothers and sisters and not a whole lot of money. I got ill (more about that later). Fast forward to college, and despite feeling intimidated by the other talented people there – I pushed. I made it to the Dean’s list.

Then I made it into the working world, but if you’ve ever had a corporate job – you know what that feels like. I wanted more, but I didn’t know what “more” was – until I picked up a copy of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. It taught me the difference between being an employee, being self-employed, having a business and then having passive income.

This taught me I can actively create myself by choosing my atmosphere. And to be successful, that atmosphere needs to include your “band of brothers”. Mine happened to come from Kiyosaki’s online forum, where I was introduced to his game Cash Flow 101 (basically Monopoly on steroids). Everyone there had a common interest: to get out of the rat race, be your own boss, and have the passive income to work on your passions.

The men I met from this a group that is still in my life. They are some of my best friends, my original band of brothers – mentors, men who would be in my wedding. This kind of brotherhood is what inspired me, years later, to create Legendary Man.

Getting Fit

Remember when I said I was the fastest, strongest, tallest kid in school? All that changed in third grade when I got bacterial meningitis, which nearly killed me. It took me a long time to fully recover, and when I did, I tried to go back to my usual activity level. Guess what? Bacterial meningitis affects your muscles, so my first time out, I lost a foot race – to a girl.

This whole experience changed me. I became self-conscious. The experience made me give up being active and running because I didn’t have the confidence I once had.

So I retreated into things I was good at: reading (sci/fi and fantasy especially), gaming, and school, especially writing and history. But I wasn’t out in the woods being active or running or all the other physical stuff young boys do – I was indoors, inactive.

So I started to gain weight. My lifestyle changed and stayed this way through college, and through my time after college. Until I decided to do something about it.

Common theme in my life: I don’t always succeed the first time. Sometimes not the second, third, or tenth time. I tried Weight Watchers and lost about 80 lbs which stayed off for a couple years then I gained the weight back, then I went the weight loss surgery route and got a LAP-BAND and lost about 100 pounds, but I didn’t do enough research. They can ‘slip’, which mine did. After an ordeal with that, I did my research and underwent bariatric surgery (duodenal switch), which helped me lose 200 pounds over the course of two years and I’ve kept it off ever since.

Losing the weight helped me remember what it felt like to be a kid – practically bouncing uphill when I would normally be huffing, puffing, and miserable. One time in particular, in the Caribbean, I bounded to the top of this waterfall. Standing at the top, I realized:

“I could not have done this six years ago. I would have quit.”

But at the top of that waterfall, I was free from the body that was holding me back. I was one step closer to being legendary.

Growing a Legendary Beard

Oh, I see you noticed the beard.

So let’s recap what’s happened to this point: my entrepreneurial spirit is high, and I’m practically bouncing with energy from my weight loss. Because of the surgery, I needed to take supplements.

This led to a major transformative moment for me: For the first time in 15 years of being an entrepreneur, I was selling a product I gave a shit about.

And it was a hit.

This was December of 2015. I had a little bit of a beard, maybe half an inch. I decided to go all in and grow a full beard.

As it grew, a funny thing started happening: other guys with beards start approaching me.

“Dude, that’s a nice beard, it looks good.”

I had no idea. I would kinda cock my head aside, shocked, and say, “Thank you. Your beard looks nice as well.” But from then on, I started to realize the longer my beard got, the more other guys with beards would comment in very complimentary, affirming ways.

I had stumbled on another brotherhood.

But this time, I had found one that existed loosely – no unified platform. This time, I knew I was ready to take my drives – entrepreneurial, free, rugged – and craft them into something bigger than business: a community, an association, a fraternity.

Legendary Man is a community where men feel respected, connected, and accepted. We inspire men to discover their own legendary potential. We allow them to reclaim or to find their masculinity in a culture that hasn’t taught them what that means as a part of growing up.