from my Havan Chronicle. Small-budget gyms and fighters with a huge passion for the sport

ATV fun in the snow

Weekend fun in snow.

Bull Wrestling

A bull wrestler at a local rodeo last summer attempts to flip his bull. I had the opportunity to take pictures at a new...

Bronc rider

I shoot the local rodeo every year. Good photos are pretty easy to come by, great photos are another thing all together...

Local BMX Racing

These are older shots of mine from the local BMX track. Trying to working on my panning with objects moving quickly in...

Triathlon Lens?

Hello? Is this thing on? Can anybody hear me? Well, I'm going to post this here and hope for the best. Perhaps someone...

Womens Rugby in Alabama

Passed by a rugby field the other day and stopped to experience my first women's rugby match. I'm new to the game, what...

Kayak Oregon

These hardy souls braved the frigid waters of the North Fork of the Santiam River in Oregon

Sport of Kings. Extremely Dangerous.

Playing polo is extremely dangerous; the balls travel at high speeds, the mallets are swung haphazardly, and the horses...


low light, low noise, highspeed challenge

Late Summer Polo

My first time watching polo and got to try out the Sony 200-600.

Bouldering in Fontainebleau

Climber Vincent Douch traversing 'Fou Rire', 8b+/8c, Cuisinière Crête Sud. Fontainebleau, France.

Powder Berm

Great day at the MX here down in the lower South Island of NZ. Shot many photos at this corner. These shots are a...

VW Fun Cup racer | surfer

A VW Fun Cup racer speeding on a washed out circuit. I used the panning technique with a shutter set to 1/30th second...

Finally some sports

Baseball - using some new gear.

Trackday panning practice

I like to take my camera with me and in between my sessions sit along the track edge and practice panning shots while...

...and then you get this...

Here I must ask for your critisism...

Kite Surfing, Palm Beach, Aruba, August 2021

All images Canon 1DX Mkiii, Sigma 120-300 f/2.8.

I love surfing.

The challenge with surfing photos is capturing that moment....