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The Ideal Morning Routine for Your Beard

Whether or not you're a morning person yourself, there's a good chance your beard is not. Like, at all. Ever. So if you're in need of a killer morning routine that takes into account your unruly and cranky beard, BeardTube has got you covered. The first step is getting that dry, tangled beard a little

How to Deal with a Job You Don’t Like

What do you do when the daily grind grinds you more than usual? When what you thought was the job of your dreams turns into the job of your nightmares? Instead of looking through the sports section, you find yourself spending more time in the classifieds. You hate your position. Unfortunately, living in your parents’

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All About Kettlebell Training

Although kettlebells have been around for centuries, they have only recently become a workout sensation with bells of all sizes, shapes, colors, and weights found in gyms and fitness centers around the world. Their unique history, simple exercises, and incredible benefits make kettlebells a marvel to health and fitness; however, we can only begin to

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How to Become a Barbarian —and Why You Should

Globalism. Social justice. Dependence on government. Feminism. Gay rights. Today’s media, politicians, and educators champion these tenets and expect others to accept and follow them. But what about the man who doesn’t? What if he prefers to think for himself, to believe that being a man is a good thing, to rely on government as

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The Patchy Beard Hack You Need To Know

Not every beard is destined to be the fullest and most epic. The trick is really knowing what you've got and rocking it with confidence. In today's video from Teaching Men's Fashion, you'll learn how to adjust for a patchy beard and look like a dapper gent. The first step here is to let it

4 Reasons Why Football is Important

Spying, abuse of women, murder, attempt to injure a rival, child abuse, solicitation, suicide, animal abuse, DUI manslaughter, drug abuse, criminal possession of a handgun, corruption, cheating, and gambling. Are these the entries on the police blotter in a daily newspaper? No. This list represents just some of the crimes named in a Fox Sports

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How To Grow A Manly Beard Like A Buff Dude

YouTube fitness juggernauts The Buff Dudes are sick of all the typical beard growing advice like "Be patient," and "It depends on genetics." That crap won't cut it - So they're coming at you with the manliest, the most masculine, the gnarliest pro tips for growing the biggest manly beard imaginable. 1. Dirt Get yourself

How To Get The Biggest & Baddest Beard Around

Maybe he's born with it. Maybe it's Legendary Man Beard Growth Blend. Maximizing your beard growth and keeping it as healthy as possible isn't as hard as some guys might make you think. One of the biggest factors is ensuring that your body is getting all the vitamins and minerals that it needs to feed

How to Push Your Body Through a Push-up Plateau

Plateaus develop when our body has acclimated to the training stresses and caloric intake we present it with, but a breakthrough is possible. This can happen when it comes to push-ups. Begin with a few small changes. Too many changes at once will prevent detection of the plateau’s original cause. If the changes don’t make

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5 Tips and Tricks for Mustache and Beard Trimming

Not all beards are created equal. But what actually makes some beards look so much more badass than others? That's right, you've got to really understand not only your beard but the face underneath it to figure out exactly what kind of beard trimming in order to create a masterpiece. BirchboxMan is here with 5