Know Your Trigger: When The Call To Action Rises

Sometimes it takes a life-changing experience to wake us up and realize we need to make some changes. Financial troubles, unhappiness with our current situation, a failed relationship. Sometimes all it takes is a remark from a friend. “You’ve gained a lot of weight, Steve.” Shut up Karen, I’m going to the gym tomorrow.

Regardless of the extent and scope of the stimulus, all it takes is that one moment for us to decide to shake things up and start making a change. For each of our 12 Champions, that trigger is going to be a little different, so we’re going over the things that are likely to light the fire under your tuchus and get you moving.


So we know that Innocents are pure, virtuous, faultless, and free from the responsibility of having done anything hurtful or wrong. Always the eternal optimist, the glass is always half full in their eyes, and they lack any form of artifice and corruption. The embodiment of the sense of renewal and oneness, Innocents are the definition of inner peace and acceptance. However the desire to be protected in a safe, secure environment and to experience unconditional love and acceptance means that if the boat of love and security gets rocked, you’re going to get triggered. When the Innocent feels like the love in their lives has run cold, or like the things that make them feel most safe and secure are stripped away (whether that be a job, relationship, or typical routine) it means that they are going to take action to regain what they feel is lost.

Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf is driven by a deep sense of personal integrity, fairness, equity, and responsibility to the community, and is shaped by being a peer as opposed to being a subject or ruler. The Lone Wolf doesn’t seek profit or individual gain, but instead finds meaning in the personal sense of alignment between belief and action and puts his trust in the inherent good of human beings to contribute positively to society. But when cast out or abandoned, disillusioned or victimized, the Lone Wolf is forced to take action. The sense that you, or your community, is somehow being ostracized, left behind to fend for yourself, or victimized in some way means that the Lone Wolf in you will fight for a change and a way to fit back into society at large and be a positive influence.


Warriors are battle-tested and ready to throw down. But it takes a little coaxing before they really get fired up. The Warrior seeks to overcome great odds and redeem society through extraordinary acts of strength, courage, and goodness. A shining example of self-sacrifice, stamina, and courage required to triumph over adversity and evil, the Warrior continually seeks the fullest expression of oneself while coping with difficulty and facing shifting challenges. And it is exactly these challenges that get them to spring into action. The Warrior is champion,  you’re going to have your fires stoked when faced with a major challenge or new obstacle. Life may be cruising along smoothly for a while, but when work throws you a curveball and you have to look for a new job, or maybe on the flip side actually relocate because of a promotion, the Warrior has no time to sulk, stress, or stand still – Instead, he will tackle the obstacles head on until they have been bested and laid to rest.


The role of a caregiver is a selfless and beautiful one. Motivated to provide reassurance, service, advice, listening, and an open heart to support the welfare of others, the Caregiver is extremely compassionate, generous, efficient, self-sacrificing, patient, highly competent, and typically an excellent multitasker. They’re well-liked, and able to find the silver lining in any cloud and remain calm in a crisis. But the truest nature and depth of a Caregiver often isn’t revealed until it is most needed. When faced with the types of responsibilities that require caring for others (like becoming a parent, or caring for the elderly) or even handling someone’s neediness and dependence, the Caregiver shines brightest. They always say that you’ll never know the true intensity and depth of love and duty you can feel until you become a parent; this is the Caregiver being pulled out of its slumber because it’s being called into action by the stimulus of needing to care for, nurture, and be responsible for another person.


The Explorer is motivated by a yearning for new experiences. With a strong sense of value in autonomy, the Explorer strives to be free of the establishment but without having to actively challenge it. With an urge to avoid boredom and entrapment – even if it means taking great risks – the Explorer will push boundaries and relish in unexpected discoveries, embracing a ‘no limit’ philosophy. And therein lies the trigger for action within the Explorer; while the sense of autonomy is a key component in this personality type, if things go too far and the Explorer feels a sense of alienation or emptiness, with it they’ll feel the need to do something about it. They’re risk takers, and feeling blah and ho-hum about life just doesn’t cut it. So when the sense of opportunity knocking hits them, they’re going to suit up and answer the call.


The Executioner is the voice that says enough is enough. It’s a catalyst for social change and acceptance, and Executioners tend to bring with them fresh perspectives, new outlooks, aspirational change, and awakenings and revelations. The Executioner is a rule-breaker who challenges convention by questioning the status quo and pushing the envelope. With bold leadership, courage, and power, the Executioner helps dispel others’ fear of victimization. But that doesn’t make them bulletproof. In fact when hit with an intense sense of pain or suffering, or when dealt a tragedy or loss in their lives, the Executioner will be propelled into action and seek to grow and evolve beyond the hurt and pain they are feeling in the moment.


Ain’t love grand? It certainly is for the Lover; The Lover possesses and unbridled appreciation and affection for beauty, closeness, and collaboration. They are strongly motivated to attract, give, receive, and nurture life-affirming, intimate love, and find great strength in passion and devotion. This means that their experience of love goes beyond an emotion or mindset and instead becomes their very way of being. And that’s what makes them thrive and truck forward. When a Lover falls in love – and this means with a person, an idea, a job, or a project) they can’t be stopped or slowed down. The quickest way for a Lover to feel the call to action is to find something, or someone, they are truly passionate about and in love with being immersed in.


If you build it they will come. That’s kind of the unspoken motto of the Creator. The Creator holds a need for self-expression, and through creativity will find a means of coping with a seemingly chaotic world. The Creator is highly imaginative, with a developed sense of aesthetic and often notices and acts upon the need for innovation, invention, and reinterpretation. Believing in the value of inner expression, the Creator is dedicated, hardworking, and achievement oriented. And that need for self-expression through creativity is the foundation of what will actually move them to take action in their lives. When most people daydream or get a flash of inspiration, it’s a happy and welcome distraction from their grind. For the Creator, these day dreams and sparks of inspiration are what drive them forward – When they are imagining how life could be, and painting with vivid detail, or when they are inspired by someone’s success story, they hold onto it tightly and use it as fuel to kick themselves into high gear.


The Magician connects to experiences of synchronicity, flow and oneness, and maintains a curiosity about the workings of the universe. Dynamic, influential, charismatic, and clever, the Magician is often able to view the world through many different lenses and manifest their ideas into reality. Able to accomplish magic from the inside out, the Magician gets results outside the ordinary rules of life. But when that oneness and sense of centeredness is disrupted, whether by emotional or physical illness, it’s then that the Magician will be compelled to take action. The desire to align themselves with the universe and transform their reality in a positive way is what drives them to overcome the fractured and disrupted sense of self they are experiencing.


A model of proper behavior, the Sovereign can exude an untouchable quality of privilege. Controlled, watchful, measured, and cautious with words and deeds, they are connected with tradition and status, the Sovereign is an archetype of dignity, benevolence, and serenity. It’s the lack of resources, harmony, support, or order that will often cause the Sovereign to feel the need to take action and embark on a journey to change his life. Their lives are built around structure, measuring risks and rewards, and upholding tradition; when things fall out of harmony and become chaotic, it means that their identity falls out of harmony as well.


With their identity tied to the belief that thinking is what defines the human experience, the Sage responds well to expert opinion but is inherently a skeptic. Possessing a high need for autonomy, the Sage values learning for its own sake because it allows for detachment from the masses and the capacity to remain objective. But what happens when that objectivity is threatened? The Sage stands up to take action. Confusion, doubt, and the deep desire to find the truth – maybe in the wake of global catastrophes or events, or political disputes and battles – will force the Sage to seek the truth and quell subjectivity and propaganda.


Knowing how to live in the moment, the Jester aims to lighten up the world. Able to bend perspective, twist meanings, and interpret events and people in surprising ways, the Jester can speak truth to those in power. With an ability to appreciate beauty, change, surprise, and wicked intellect, the Jester is known for exuberant antics, transcending tradition, convention, and societal norms. They are boldly original, irreverent, and mischievous, and see life as a playground of opportunity. Their trigger? Simple: boredom. When enjoying the moment and savoring life gives way to monotony and a lot of yawning, the Jester gets the itch to get up and make things fun again. When life gets boring, the Jester is there to shake things up and make them fun again.

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