Nate Lind Speaks At Harvard on The Silent Epidemic, Suicide

Legendary Man’s founder, Nate Lind recently spoke at Harvard University concerning the alarming rise in male suicide. We encourage everyone to share this video and bring awareness to what has been deemed, “The Silent Epidemic”.

For more suicide resources, check out Save A Life, our page dedicated to Suicide Prevention in Men.

Nate Lind’s speech at Harvard University brought a sea of emotion to the crowd when he revealed “The Silent Epidemic” of male suicide rates.

“I’m going to share my darkest moment. This is the first time I’ve shared this story publicly. Two years ago, my business was killing it. I was doing $5m a month in sales at a 15% profit margin selling health and beauty products around the world. It was exciting, it was addictive, I was obsessed with work. I considered it my primary purpose on earth and my role to provide for my family. But there was a dark side to that success. I was not taking care of myself, I was not exercising, I had no close male friends. My two boys barely saw me and when they did they were afraid of me. And in my marriage, I was being passive aggressive and “keeping score”.

In March of 2015, something disastrous happened. We’d recently started selling into Australia and at first it went great. Then all of a sudden Australia’s customs started holding our shipments. Our customers soon became furious and blamed us. We immediately became Australia’s public enemy number one.

So how did I handle this? My initial reaction was anger and confusion, that led me to placing blame anywhere I could. I eventually became seriously depressed. I closed myself off to my wife which made her feel like I didn’t love her. By June, I thought I brought my company, my family, and my investors to bankruptcy. I was afraid I’d have to lay everyone off. The feeling of failure was so overwhelming, I remember one night how easy it would be to veer off a cliff near my office and end it all.

Faced with these suicidal thoughts woke me up. I reached out to a community of entrepreneurs I’d previously assembled [my ADSUM community], and they responded. They armed me with new contacts and new information that helped me get the business up and going again. By the end of the year, we only ended up losing $750,000 which really was a miracle and I kept the team together. The following year we rebounded to make a seven digit profit.

Inspired by the support that saved my life and curious of my own feelings of failure as a man, prompted a journey of self discovery where I found that I wasn’t the only man confused and frustrated by antiquated notions of masculinity. Today we run a community called Legendary Man. It is a community where we celebrate men, everyday is father’s day, brother’s day and son’s day. In this community they are inspired to wake up and realize that the only thing holding them back is their own naiveté and lack of initiative. You see, it wasn’t Australia’s customs that wrecked my life. My outer life was just a reflection of my inner turmoil. It was my own denial and ignorance, it was my lack of health and support and the lack of balance I had with my family.

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for people under 44. Eighty percent of people that die by suicide are men and it is on the rise. Depression and feelings of isolation are some of the leading causes of suicide. When I took the initiative to reach out for help, I began my hero’s journey to heal my wounded business and family. We are the rally point for men to begin their own hero’s journey.

Alliances help us, so do resources. And we love to collaborate with charities and other communities that are a great fit for us. If supporting heroic men is important to you, come see me, tell me who we should know. Introduce us to your community. I love to share this story on TV, radio and the internet. It’s an important conversation that audiences are incredibly responsive to. From now on, hashtag #legendaryman if you want to support the movement, #legendaryman to save men.”

Nate’s speech at Harvard may save the life of someone you know. Please share and you could save someone’s life.

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Suicide is an aspect of the Executioner Champion in the Hero’s Journey.

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