Keys to a Legendary Life

Every man strives to be better. A better husband, a better businessman, a better humanitarian, a better human being. The keys to having a legendary life aren’t about wanting to improve yourself, it’s knowing how to actually do it. But with a little guidance, things don’t have to be quite so tough. Let’s talk about what it takes to become a legend.

Learn Yourself

As Socrates once eloquently and simply stated, “Know thyself.” Understand your reality and your current situation, examine it, and use this self-awareness as a starting point for your journey to betterment. Be honest with yourself, and don’t be afraid to be straight up about your current position. It’s essentially like finding the “You Are Here” arrow on a map; once you know where you are, you can decide where you’re going.

Exercise Aggressively

Your body is a temple. Don’t let it crumble and fall apart. Treat yourself right, get active, exercise, and get stronger. As your body gets stronger, you’ll find that so too will your mind and spirit.

Gather Your Team

No man is an island, and so you need to find your tribe. Create your close circle and fill it with optimistic, happy, successful individuals who are positive forces in your life. Pessimism is poison, so weed it out of your existence and instead stay surrounded by a community of people who will love and support you through good times and bad.

Express Your Passions

What fires you up? What excites you? What are you passionate about? We all have something (or maybe a lot of things) that feeds our soul. Explore yourself and embrace what drives you.

Navigate Confidently

Now isn’t the time for self-doubt. Hold your head up, be confident, be decisive, and keep moving forward. One foot in front of the other, and you’ll see that taking the initiative to act is the biggest piece of your journey.

Destroy Limitations

You’re stronger than you think, so quit stopping yourself. Push yourself and you’ll find you’re capable of more than you may even believe.

Share Your Treasure

You don’t have to be closed off, and you don’t need to exist or experience all of this in a bubble. The whole point of becoming the most legendary version of yourself is that with all this new knowledge and change, you can share it with those around you to improve not only your life, but theirs as well. Be generous with yourself.

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