The Patchy Beard Hack You Need To Know

Not every beard is destined to be the fullest and most epic. The trick is really knowing what you’ve got and rocking it with confidence. In today’s video from Teaching Men’s Fashion, you’ll learn how to adjust for a patchy beard and look like a dapper gent.

The first step here is to let it grow. It might feel counter intuitive if it’s a little sparse, but don’t shy away – You’ve got to figure out how much coverage and hair you really have going on, because you may actually end up with a better beard than you think. And don’t forget, the idea of a “beard” is really multifaceted: You can rock a heavier goatee with tighter cheek growth, you can sport a short beard, you can go with a cowboy ‘stache – The point is, you have options.

Teaching Men’s Fashion is going with the short beard in this video. Always bear in mind that your hair (head and face) does not grow evenly and symmetrically. You have to take a little time to properly shape and trim to ensure your beard is looking even and well-kept. One trick is to take your beard trimmers and trim the cheeks a little shorter than your mustache and chin area. Why? Because typically your mustache and chin area will grow faster and fuller than the cheeks – If you have a patchy beard, it’s typically most apparent in the cheeks and jaw. By cutting the goatee area down 1/8 – 1/4 shorter than the cheeks, you create the illusion that your beard is fuller and more even.

You can see in the video that by the end of the segment, with a good strategic trim, the beard that was once patchy actually looks like a short-cropped fuller beard. And that’s the magic of a good trim!

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