Six Reasons to Celebrate International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day got me thinking… being a dude is kind of awesome. We could end the story here, but we know you’re itching to know exactly why being a dude is great. So without further ado, let’s get into the six reason it’s so kickass being a guy, especially given that International Men’s Day is just around the corner.

  1. We Get Better Looking As We Get Older
    Getting older can suck, but the one good thing about being an aging guy is that we somehow manage to get more distinguished and mature as we get older. Think about it this way; there’s a good chance your significant other has a male celebrity crush. And there’s a good chance that crush is not some 22 or 23 year old fresh-faced kid. It’s probably someone like The Rock, or George Clooney, or Hugh Jackman. Why? Because guys tend to age (for the most part) gradually and fairly gracefully, and we look good with some wrinkles and grey hair. Combine this with the fact that age brings wisdom and experience, and tends to make us much more mellow and self-assured, and you’ve got a winning combination.
  1. No Lines For The Bathroom
    When you’ve had one too many beers, your journey to the men’s room is pretty much one easy step – Just go. Literally just walk through the bathroom door and up to a urinal and it’s all downhill from there. No long lines, no waiting for a stall (unless you had the tacos along with the beer) and no crowded restrooms. It’s the simple things in life that really make it worth living.
  1. We Don’t Have A….Time Of Month
    The miracle of childbirth is something we respect, admire, and find totally beautiful. But it’s cool, we don’t personally want all the responsibility and hassle that comes along with it.
  1.  We Can Get Away With Wearing The Same Clothes Over and Over
    I have a couple pair of favorite jeans, a couple favorite t-shirts for the warm weather and long-sleeve shirts for the warm weather, and a few pair of Chucks. That’s basically my entire wardrobe. And you know what? It’s totally cool. Get yourself some basic tees, jeans, sneakers and boots and you’re pretty much good to go.
  1. We Can Spread Out
    You know when you’ve had a long day, or you just feeling like stretching out, so you plop down on the couch and spread your legs apart and get comfy? It’s the best, right? At home, in public – Spreading out and relaxing is totally acceptable for us dudes. And it’s wonderful.
  1. We Can Grow Facial Hair
    Even if you don’t sport a beard or a mustache, you still have the option to grow it if you want to. And facial hair is a pretty awesome accessory to your look. It’s been said that facial hair is like makeup for guys; not totally wrong. If you have a weak chin or jawline, or you want to change up your look, facial hair is a great way to switch things up and improve your look.

This International Men’s Day celebrate your masculinity and remember that it is about bringing the issues that surround men into focus and to celebrate our masculinity.

Pat your male friends on the back today. Let them know that being a man is Awesome!

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