Ten Cheap Date Ideas She’ll Actually Love

Finding a cheap date your lady will like involves three steps. First, decide your budget. You don’t need to spend a fortune to prove your love. Financial responsibility will impress a good woman more than flamboyant date outings.

Second, know what your lady enjoys. If she’s an active person, don’t bore her with a stroll through an art gallery. If she prefers the finer things, consider carefully before dragging her along on a morning hike.

Third, explore your area. If you live in the city, keep an eye out for free or cheap locations or happenings. If you live in a rural area, ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations; they may know of a nice hiking trail or an upcoming event.

Here are ten date ideas to get you started.

Take a Hike

For an early morning hike, bring a portable breakfast, such as granola bars, hard-boiled eggs, and fruit along with thermoses of hot chocolate. Perhaps bring a journal to store found leaves in. If she’s the hiking pro, follow her lead. She will love showing you her favorite spots. If she’s the novice, go slow enough that she can enjoy the surroundings—and your company—instead of feeling worn out and behind.

Make a Meal

Women enjoy being taken care of. Invite her over for a personally prepared meal. If she enjoys cooking, invite her over early enough to prepare the meal with you, or even shop at a local farmer’s market beforehand. Put on some background music; then tackle a newly discovered recipe or a familiar family dish. And because you would have cooked yourself dinner anyway, this date is basically free.

Visit Open Studios

Cities with an art community often have a night each month when all the art studios are open, which is perfect for a relaxing date. The public is welcome to stroll through and see the artists’ working space and galleries as well as purchase art. Some studios even provide light refreshments. If you or your lady enjoy visual representations of ideas, strolling a studio invites insightful discourse. If she’s more into music, find a local band where tickets are cheap, or even stroll downtown in search of street performers. If you are both musically inclined, bring instruments for a duo jam session.

Go for a Drive

What girls really appreciate is quality time. A car is the perfect place to shoot the breeze or swap favorite songs. The view out the windows can inspire conversation too. Rolling hills or windy mountain passes invite awe and ease, and the conversation will likely follow suit. If you don’t like driving without a destination in mind, head for a lookout point where you can enjoy a good sunset. End the drive with fries and milkshakes or coffee.

Try a Workshop

Libraries, historical societies and houses, and local artists often provide workshops for little or no charge. Whether it’s making garden art, learning a painting step by step, or discovering the basics of Autumn wreath-decorating, workshops provide an activity to help each other with and a memento to remind you both of a time you spent trying something new together.

Light a Fire

If you have access to a fire pit or a place outside of town, light a fire and pull out the apples to roast, a thermos of cider and grab your girl for a date.  Munch and sip while the stars revolve above you. If you know a few constellations, point them out. Share the myth behind the constellation, or have fun making up your own. Also, a mesmerizing, crackling fire cozily fills any gaps in conversation.

Walk in the Park

If driving or hiking isn’t your style, walking is a great fallback option for a date. Almost everyone enjoys ambling under trees, on winding paths, or over lush grass. Enjoy the morning air before noise, smog, and full sunlight overtake the gentle sounds and colors of dawn. Or drink in the rhythm of the city as the sounds of rush hour turn into night life.

Volunteer Together

If the goal of a date is to know her heart deeper, discover what she’s compassionate about and volunteer together. Whether it’s a soup kitchen, community centre, or repairing books at the local library, one of the best ways to know someone deeper is to do something worthwhile side by side.

Read to Each Other

There’s no rulebook that says you must go somewhere for a date. Find a mutually comfortable, quiet location – your home or hers, a local bookstore, or a park bench. Bring a book and take turns reading it aloud. The fun of a date is the chance to enjoy the person you are with. Reading aloud lets you watch them without it being creepy, listen to their voice, and share a story you both can talk about long after the book is finished. If you are both theatrically inclined– or just adventurous—pick a play to read, each of you taking several characters.

Comb a Flea Market

You never know what strange things you’ll find at a flea-market table– or what unique people you will meet sitting behind them. Vintage items, classy antiques, and goofy “what-is- this?” objects all invite conversation and shared laughs. Keep an eye on the type of things your lady finds interesting. Perhaps if something she fancies isn’t too expensive, you can buy it for her.

In the end, any time spent enjoying each other’s company is a successful date. Listening when your lady has something to share, speaking kindly and honestly, and caring more about knowing her than wondering what you looked like are all important components of a date your lady will love. And all three of those components are free.

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