Outdoor Survival: Surviving the Cold by Befriending the Heat

Surviving the cold in freezing temperatures will prove much more difficult than surviving in a warm climate. Any Legendary Man knows that the cold is unforgiving and every bit of energy you have is valuable for preserving heat. Here are some helpful tips that will help make it easier when surviving in a freezing biome.Explorer Champion Mark

  • Scoring Trees: Instead of taking the time to chop up each piece of fire wood, you can take your knife/ hatchet and cut a groove in the tree where you want it to be cut. You can then snap it between two standing trees. The wood should break right where you put the groves, allowing you to pick how the branch will break.
  • Surviving the cold in a below freezing climate area tend to prevent fires from flourishing. Using larger pieces of wood is helpful in this situation because bigger pieces give off more heat. You want as much heat as you can get because sometimes you need the heat just to dry off the wood you want to burn later. Starting the fire can be more strenuous. It is wise to build one in a shelter that is protected from the elements. Wet pieces of wood can be placed near the fire to dry.
  • When surviving the cold during sleeping, the freezing temperature of the ground can suck the heat right out of your body. Making natural insulation solves this problem. Collect some pine branches and lay them on the surface you plan to sleep on. The sticks may be uncomfortable but they will keep the ground from absorbing your body heat.
  • It’s important to conserve your energy. Try not to do activities that cause you to sweat because, in a survival situation, your body’s hydration level is very important. Sweat also cools, allowing the freezing temperatures to invade your body heat.

Watch the video below for more survival tips:

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