Outdoor Survival: Crafting a Primitive Fish Trap In Nature

Explorer Champion MarkCatching fish can be really fun but difficult without a pole. If a Legendary Explorer like yourself is ever stranded by water with life in it, you can make a fish trap out of materials all found in nature. This trap will keep the catch alive and trapped until they are needed.

  1. The first step in making a primitive fish trap is to gather a decent amount of long, thick, and straight sticks. These will make up the walls of the trap so make sure they are thick and long enough to be secured into the ground and be above the shallow water.
  2. The next step will be to find a nice and fairly deep spot near the shore. This is where you will make your fish trap so make sure it is in a nice open spot so that fish will come to check it out.
  3. Next you will build the fish trap. Start with the larger sticks, filling in the gaps with the smaller sticks so there is no room for escape. Stab the sticks into the watery soil in a M shaped formation, leaving a narrow entrance for the fish to go in. When you make the entrance make sure to align straight lines of sticks in a V formation (the middle part of the M). This invites them in but makes it difficult for them to leave.
  4. The last step is to wait for your catch! Once your prey swims in, they will swim along the wall, getting trapped in the corner of the M shape. The aquatic animals can swim out if it rediscovers the entrance. Some would recommend throwing some bait into the trap to speed up the waiting process but it is not required.

Whether you did this for fun or for survival, you have successfully built a fish trap! Enjoy your catch as you wish but remember if you do not plan on consuming the fish, please return it to the wild so it doesn’t go to waste. Stay legendary!

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