Gary Vaynerchuk: Caring About Your Job, Yourself, and Your Business

In his TEDtalk, Gary Vaynerchuck tells us how caring about what you do will make your business grow. In his past, Vaynerchuck owned and ran his family’s liquor store for seven years. He worked 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and was only 1% dissatisfied when he quit. Once he felt dissatisfied, he quit and started his own business and is now doing a lot better for himself. Vaynerchuck shows us how we can better tune ourselves towards success with a few great tips.

Vaynerchuck brings up two P words: Patience & Passion. The first one he talks about is passion. If you are working a job that you hate, Vaynerchuck states, “STOP DOING THAT! In 2008 there is no reason to do sh*t you hate!” This rhyme might be outdated but the words still hold truth. Not doing what you love will result in poor relations with your customers.

Vaynerchuck then goes on to say that we can lose just as much money being happy with our work. He tells us to start caring about everything starting with ourselves. We start by looking at ourselves in the mirror and asking ourselves, “What do I want to do for the rest of my life?” And once we have that he tells us to do just that.

You also need to start caring about your customer base. Caring about your customer base will result in good relations between business and customer, creating loyal customers and a good name for your brand. If people like what you do then they will continue to buy from you.

He also addresses some problems with running a business like not being able to monetize your products. His response is to hustle. If you hustle and have a business model, you will start to build up revenue that you can use to further grow and shape your business.

Next, he talks about patience. Vaynerchuck suggests, “Legacy is greater than currency,” and that if you make good stuff, people will follow what you’re doing. He tells us we only get one life and that making the best of your business is important because it will live on after you. Your kids and grandkids can take the business that you made and feel proud that their parent or grandparent did such a great job. If you love what you do and pour your soul into it, your legacy becomes the biggest part of you. You may not like having to put in the work but if you love what you do then it becomes easy.

Building a set amount of equity will also open the door for your business to have bigger opportunities than before. Spreading your brand out over all the different social media outlets can help build your brand name similarly to television being the main brand-building outlet in the past.

Patience is about waiting for the best moment for your brand to make a move. He states, “If he’s patient enough, and the right moment strikes, his website will be huge!” Vaynerchuck claims we will not be successful in doing what we love right away. He suggests start doing what you love after hours because he knows we have to free time to start making money off the things we love doing. You have to be in an industry that you truly care about and do the type of work you really enjoy. Otherwise, you’ll never be truly satisfied.

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