How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

A successful entrepreneur is “one who undertakes innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods.” That actually says it pretty well, though I would probably add “all at his own risk.”

When you think of a successful entrepreneur, you may think of a Steve Jobs or a Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook), and rightly so. These are men of incredible talent and success, but they had to start somewhere. Here is your introduction to being a successful entrepreneur.

The Goals of a Successful Entrepreneur

There are many reasons a person would want to leave a run-of-the-mill, everyday kind of job behind and launch out on his own. The most obvious is a desire to be your own boss; master of your own destiny. Another reason is financial security; you believe you can succeed in your own venture better than you could ever advance under another’s employ. There is also the more altruistic reason—you want to make a difference in the world you live in, whether it be socially or economically.

The Types of Successful Entrepreneurs

No two men are created alike, and no two businesses will ever be the same. Each man must decide for himself what type of entrepreneur he wants to be. Most people will automatically assume a small business, startup business, mom and pop store, or a small local shop. But today’s technologically advanced world has opened the doors to a vast array of home-based and online businesses as well; it is the age of the digital entrepreneur. It all depends on your idea, the product you are hoping to sell to the masses, and what you want to do with it.

The Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

As far back as the Bible, there have been lists of the character qualities needed to succeed in life. Even Benjamin Franklin, who was far from being a religious man, set out to develop in himself 13 virtues that he felt would make him successful in his life. In researching this article, I found lists ranging from 5 to 35 characteristics of a successful entrepreneur. Here are just a few traits to look for in yourself:

  1. Passionate: If you are not excited about your idea and fully driven to see it succeed, it is likely to fail. It has to be your life.
  2. Creative: You have to be able to think outside the box, as the saying goes, and transform your ideas into reality, coming up with solutions and new ideas when things don’t come together.
  3. Versatile/Flexible: This venture rests on your shoulders, and you have to be able to go with the punches. You will wear many hats and perform many tasks that you may not have been prepared for.
  4. Adventuresome: In other words, willing to take risks. You have to be willing to count all the costs and still move forward.
  5. Savvy: When it comes to business, you have to know how to manage your affairs and your money. You also need to know how to interact with other people with a winsomeness that will gain you a future clientele.
  6. Disciplined: Do you have the ability to work long and hard in order to achieve your goals? The road to entrepeneurship is not an easy one, but you must persevere.
  7. Resourceful: The ability to make use of what you have at hand will go a long way in guaranteeing your success.

There are so many other characteristics that go into being a successful entrepreneur, but we will stop with 7, the number of perfection. Hopefully, you see all these things in yourself and are ready to take the next step.

The Steps of a Successful Entrepreneur

The steps of starting your own business are quite simple really, but oh those steps. First, you have to come up with that never before seen idea or product that is going to wow the world. Then you need to come up with a plan to get that idea into the hands of an awaiting public. Finally, like a well-trained athlete, you need to execute your plan.

A basic introduction is just the beginning. There is so much to learn and do, but the rewards of being a successful entrepreneur are priceless.

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