How to Make Eye Contact the Right Way in Life, Business, and Love

Eye contact rests at the heart of connecting with people and making them feel valid and understood. From business to love, there is no area of life where eye contact is not important.Eye contact rests at the heart of connecting with people and making them feel valid and understood. From business to love, there

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How to Communicate Your Needs in a Marriage

You’ve been together with your wife for years but still get in arguments over little things like what’s for dinner and who should wash the dishes. How can two people living together still not understand each other? The answer is simple: Each person has expectations that the other can’t automatically know. And that is

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How Not to Become Your Absentee Father

There’s a recent commercial out that takes Harry Chapin’s classic 1970s “Cat’s in the Cradle” hit, a song that not too subtly points out the flaws of an absentee father, and changes the lyrics to present fatherhood as it should be – a man who is always there for his children. If only a catchy

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Undoing the Damage of Chronic Sitting

A sedentary lifestyle leads to many complications. Our bodies weren’t made to be sitting for long periods of time each day. We were created to be upright and moving about! Whether it’s an office job or a favorite TV show that keeps you in your seat, you need to take some steps toward undoing the

How Not to be Disappointed with Your Friends

Humans have an innate desire for close friendship. Some individuals can keep up with a wide circle of close friends while others choose one or two best friends. We all tend to see life and friendships through our own perspective, and that can cause problems. When a friendship doesn’t seem to be going the way

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6 Gym Survival Tips for Newbies

Whether you’ve made a New Year’s resolution, had a wakeup call from your physician, and just realized that you are more flab than firm, getting into the gym can be intimidating—even for the manliest of men. But to the gym you must go. Here are 6 gym survival tips for newbies.   Go with a

Help for the Shy Guy

Humility is a valuable quality in a man. Knowing when to shut up and listen is key to building healthy relationships. And maintaining your tranquility and choosing your words before you speak separates the emotional immature boys from the self-aware and mature men. But there is a distinct difference between these traits, and outright shyness.

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The Importance of Having a Tribe

As men, we value our individualism. We yearn to follow our own path, to carve out a life predicated on our own decisions, passions, and choices. The very idea of marching to the beat of our own drum has become a hot topic in recent years as everything from sky-rocketing tech startups to ecommerce success

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