Easy Style Upgrades For Your Wardrobe and Your Look

If you ask any guy on the street what their most comfortable outfit is, most would fall back on the classic jeans and a t-shirt. However, if that is all you wear (when you’re not at work, that is), you will find your style to be one-dimensional and stale. There is hope! Here are some

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Picking the Right Tie Knot for the Right Collar

The first thing someone’s eyes see after your face is your collar and tie. This duo sets up the rest of your look, so they deserve consideration. A tie knot too small will show the neck of your tie, while a knot too big will make your collar lumpy. Picking the right knot is simply

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The Patchy Beard Hack You Need To Know

Not every beard is destined to be the fullest and most epic. The trick is really knowing what you've got and rocking it with confidence. In today's video from Teaching Men's Fashion, you'll learn how to adjust for a patchy beard and look like a dapper gent. The first step here is to let it

How to Push Your Body Through a Push-up Plateau

Plateaus develop when our body has acclimated to the training stresses and caloric intake we present it with, but a breakthrough is possible. This can happen when it comes to push-ups. Begin with a few small changes. Too many changes at once will prevent detection of the plateau’s original cause. If the changes don’t make

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5 Tips and Tricks for Mustache and Beard Trimming

Not all beards are created equal. But what actually makes some beards look so much more badass than others? That's right, you've got to really understand not only your beard but the face underneath it to figure out exactly what kind of beard trimming in order to create a masterpiece. BirchboxMan is here with 5

7 Easy Steps To Growing A Legendary Beard

Summer is over, the air is getting cooler, and it's every guy's favorite time of year; time to start growing out the winter beard. Today we've got 7 simple steps for taking your beard from infancy to awesomeness, courtesy of John Murphy. Let It Grow Quit screwing with your beard. We know this one sounds

How to Develop the Savoir-Faire of James Bond

It’s hard for a man to watch a James Bond film and not picture himself in the driver’s seat of his Aston Martin with a beautiful woman in the passenger seat and hot on the trail of some international bad guy. Whether you are watching the smooth-talking Sean Connery, the cool customer Roger Moore, or

How Millennials Can Overcome Their Biggest Financial Challenges

The “Greatest Generation” is passing away, and Gen Y, aka the millennials, is now at the forefront in government, business, education, and finance. And while education is rife with many starting in pre-kindergarten at the age of two and continuing for some into their golden years, as they seek masters degrees and doctorates, millennials

How Not to be Disappointed with Your Friends

Humans have an innate desire for close friendship. Some individuals can keep up with a wide circle of close friends while others choose one or two best friends. We all tend to see life and friendships through our own perspective, and that can cause problems. When a friendship doesn’t seem to be going the way

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Survival Swimming: How to Escape a Rip Current

Rip currents, sometimes mistakenly called rip tides, are among the deadliest of beach hazards. They are the cause of more deaths every year than sharks and even hurricanes! However, a smart swimmer can escape a rip current by taking a few practical steps. Here’s what you need to do to survive. Know where you are.

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