Paleo Diet: Everything You Need to Know to Stick To It

Following a Paleo diet offers a wide variety of advantages. Paleo diet enthusiasts report relief from seasonal allergies, increased energy, relief from migraines, and other positive results. Much of this may be due to the fresh whole foods that make up the Paleo diet. You’ll find yourself enjoying large servings of fruits and vegetables along

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How to Deal with a Job You Don’t Like

What do you do when the daily grind grinds you more than usual? When what you thought was the job of your dreams turns into the job of your nightmares? Instead of looking through the sports section, you find yourself spending more time in the classifieds. You hate your position. Unfortunately, living in your parents’

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All About Kettlebell Training

Although kettlebells have been around for centuries, they have only recently become a workout sensation with bells of all sizes, shapes, colors, and weights found in gyms and fitness centers around the world. Their unique history, simple exercises, and incredible benefits make kettlebells a marvel to health and fitness; however, we can only begin to

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How to Become a Barbarian —and Why You Should

Globalism. Social justice. Dependence on government. Feminism. Gay rights. Today’s media, politicians, and educators champion these tenets and expect others to accept and follow them. But what about the man who doesn’t? What if he prefers to think for himself, to believe that being a man is a good thing, to rely on government as

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A Beginner’s Guide to Parkour

Parkour is not just a series of stunts and back flips or the ability to run up walls; parkour is a way of life. It is being able to overcome any obstacle, physical or not. It isn’t just about being able to perform awesome stunts; it is about overcoming. You can overcome your sleepiness and

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How to Get Fit with Battle Ropes

Getting fit with battle ropes requires everything you have--you cannot half-heartedly jump into this kind of training without facing sure defeat. The best thing about getting fit with battle ropes is that you never get bored with the same old routine. There are countless ways to exercise with this training tool that you can find

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How and When to Tuck in Your Shirt

To tuck or not to tuck, that is the question! One would think it would be an easy decision, but personal preference often gets in the way. Some men feel they must always tuck their shirt, while others prefer not to. So how do you decide which option is stylishly correct? When Should I Tuck

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How to Stop Avoid Inbox Overload and Get Stuff Done

This is a common occurrence in cubicles and home offices around the world. “Did you get my e-mail?” “Oh, which one?? I don't think I saw it, I have hundreds of messages I still need to sort through!” Inbox overload takes its toll and limits the productivity of many. It is hard to actually get

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How to Clean, Store, and Care for your Leather Stuff

The touch. The feel. The fabric of our lives. No, not cotton. Leather, man, leather. It’s the stuff men are made of. From head to toe, men (and even women) just can’t resist this allure. But how to care for your leather stuff? That is the all-important question. Here are some tips to help you

How to Spot a Quality Suit in 30 Seconds

Buying a quality suit doesn't need to be a long process. You can spot a quality suit in just 30 seconds and with just 3 quick glances. The First Glance Take the first 10 seconds to do a quick glance from top to bottom at the outside of the suit. One of the first things

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