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The 12 Stages of The Hero’s Journey

You’ve undoubtedly heard the adage that “Life is about the journey, not the destination.” The adventure of our existence and quest on this earth is what makes us all so unique, and makes our time exciting, mysterious, and ever-evolving and growing. But while all of our life journeys are different, the actual stages of our collective journeys are quite similar. In fact, it can be broken up into three stages that each of us will experience time and time again throughout our lives as we take on challenges, rise and fall, struggle and succeed, and seek to better ourselves and take on new adventures. Every stage is guided by a particular archetype or Champion, and once you understand these stages, it will bring you a greater sense of enlightenment and understanding of your life’s journeys. And to learn even more, click on the logo above associated with each section for more details about the Champions and your Hero’s Journey!

When the revelation comes calling, you’d better answer. In life, there come times or events that bring about a realization that things need to change. Once we wake up to this reality, it’s time to make a change.

Explore your passions, find what drives you, figure out what propels you forward – It’s time to gather yourself and set out on the adventure toward a better life.

Once you have taken the action steps and built a better world for yourself, you have to get centered, accept your new role and responsibilities, and enjoy life. Every adventure should end with a fair amount of gained wisdom, harmony, and personal growth.

Part I: The Preparation

InnocentYour “A-ha” moment. Your “Wait a second..” moment. Your “Oh boy…” moment. We all have an event that flips a switch inside of us, and we wake up. When things get stale, go awry, or when we’re on the wrong path, we tend to sink into a state of denial and convince ourselves that it’s fine and everything is cool. Maybe we’re scared of admitting what we know in our hearts, or maybe we’re too naive to realize it. But once you have your revelation moment, you wake up to the truth and you can never go back.

But this also means you have to learn how to become self-reliant and how to help yourself and those around you. The simple fact is: there is no power more powerful and responsible than you. No one can fix your problems for you – You have to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and fix things on your own. Take responsibility and start working on a solution.

WarriorAnd you aren’t just striving to find solutions, you’re striving to know what exactly it is you want as you move forward, and to be confident and assertive enough to state it and go for it. You’re reshaping your identity, so you have to be clear about where you are going, and you have to retain your integrity as you do it.

And with this great power comes great responsibility. Once you center yourself, you realize your sense of duty and responsibility to not only yourself, but to your family and your community. As you develop yourself, your role to those around you will shift as well, and it’s an important change as you progress through your journey.

Part II: The Journey

ExplorerYou’ve felt the call, now you’re ready to embark. Your desire to climb that mountain, to cross new frontiers, to achieve something you haven’t achieved before – When this desire becomes too overwhelming to ignore, you’re ready to set out on the adventure. You’re seeking a better future; a more harmonious and fulfilling existence. This means it’s time to explore your passions, your ambitions, and really, yourself. You’ve been denying this self-exploration for too long; time to dive in and find what drives you.

At this point, you might feel a sense of self-doubt – Don’t be hindered by your self-limiting beliefs. And don’t be dragged down by escapes and distractions. We live in a world that is full of anesthetizing garbage; from food to video games to alcohol to social media. The list is endless, and the pursuit is pointless – Don’t run from your awakening, embrace it and take a wrecking ball to convention. Embrace your new direction and sense of purpose.

LoverBut always remember that no man is an island, and a little love goes a long way in building this better future. Building (or repairing) healthy relationships with those around us, our community, and with ourselves is key. While prior to this journey you may have felt a sense of maladjustment and unhappiness with who you had become, now is the time to find a deep sense of self-acceptance. Love yourself, amigo. You deserve it.

CreatorWhat are your action steps? What are the actual pieces you have to put into motion to make your goals become reality? It’s time to actually get moving and create your new life, and by extension, build your new universe. The world is your oyster, so get to cracking.

Part III: The Return

SovereignThe hard part is coming to a close: you’ve had your awakening and you put your nose to the grindstone to build your new life and your new universe. Now you have to understand it and be accountable for it. To create a prosperous and sustainable life, own your new reality and accept not only your passions, but your duties to your family and community as well.

But all the external changes in the world will be for naught if your mind and spirit aren’t in line as well. So get lifted – Understand the bigger picture and stop sweating the small stuff. Someone cuts you off in traffic, the internet isn’t working, your bank charged you a service fee – So what? Let it go and see the bigger picture and how wonderful your life can be. Find your inner peace and get to your most balanced and positive mindset, or you risk losing everything you’ve worked hard for.

You’re also a lot wiser by this point. You can’t make such a major and exhaustive transformation without gaining a fair amount of wisdom along the way, so take stock of all you’ve learned. You’re not sucked into the illusions or the distorted reality you were a slave to prior to this quest – You see the world with open eyes, and that’s more valuable than you may even realize.

If your journey has taught you anything so far, it should be that life can change in an instant, whether by choice or by circumstance, so relax and enjoy the ride. Savor every moment, relish in the joy of life, and live in the now. Life is celebrated for its own sake and lived in the moment, one day at a time.

Armed with this quick study guide, you’ll be able to conquer your own life’s journeys with more confidence and understanding, and become the most legendary version of yourself!