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Champions embody the timeless stories and journeys that all men share. They represent the roles we play in life, the paths we walk, the lessons we learn, and the way we interact. Identifying and understanding your champion is key to starting your journey.

Champions Journey

  • Quest: This is the hero quest which the archetype has set out on. The hero may not realize he is on such a quest until it is too late to retreat.
  • Fear: This is the fear which is usually the motivating factor for undergoing the quest (why else would the hero need to put himself at risk?) It is also the principal danger that lurks in the shadow of the archetype.
  • Dragon: In most quests the hero soon meets his dragon. This represents the major problem or obstacle of the quest — the opposition that must be overcome in order for the quest to be successful.
  • Task: This is the task that the hero must accomplish in order to succeed at the quest. Succeeding at the task is usually sufficient to overcome the dragon; however failure to do so can lead to becoming what the hero fears most — his dark self, or shadow.
  • Virtue: Succeeding at the quest earns the hero these rewards of self. In addition to the hand of the princess, the castle, and the gold.