Children in Manhattan park

Walking around Manhattan-NY looking for MOMA galleries.

Budapest Panorama

I don’t always have great success with panoramas and I was a little nervous about trying one here because I didn’t want...

Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

Boaters enjoying a sunny day. Taken in 2005.

Cuban sunrise

start of the day at 500mm. the pigeon was a lucky inclusion

View from Fisherman's Bastion

One of the best decisions I made was getting up at 4:30am for sunrise while I was in Budapest. The views from Fisherman...

One night in Hyderabad ...

Republic day 2023 .. buzzing bazaar as usual

Hungarian Parliament

This is the Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest on the Danube River. The weather forecast was not looking good...

Marina Bay Sands

This is a new version of a photo I took last October. I wanted to revisit this photo. I was never 100% satisfied in my...

Gateway to the West

Had a recent business trip to St. Louis. Which meant I would have some time for some photography. I made sure to visit...

The Lotus !

The pride of Delhi shining in a typical blue hour. Lotus temple, what else ?

Cubist Miami

The interplay of light and shadow on the neutral colored surface of the three juxtaposed Miami Government Center...

Savannah Smokestacks

These are from a decommissioned power plant along the river that is now a hotel. It was a foggy night, so I used a long...

Marina Bay Central Business District

Hi everyone. I took this back in October during a business trip to Singapore. Lucky for me I had also recently...

London Stadium from the air.

What are your thoughts on this drone image I captured of the London Olympia Stadium at dawn? This stadium was the...

End of the year is near

Los Angeles on a quiet night after xmas and before new years.

Divine Glow

Humayun's Tomb basking in sunrise. Delhi.

Metropolis !

A cement factory rising over the cloud layers. Shillong

Streets of San francisco


Marina Bay Sands

I was on a recent business trip to Singapore. I knew I would only have a limited amount of time to my self. There were...