A Review of the Nikon NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.2 S Lens

The Nikon NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.2 S lens offers its users some of the best optical performance and image quality the company has ever put into a lens, making it a highly desirable option for a wide range of shooters, particularly portrait and wedding photographers. Can it offer what it promises in practice? This excellent video review takes a look at everything you can expect from it.

Helpful Photoshop Tips From Some of the Best in the Business

Photoshop is a tremendously powerful and intricate program, and as such, it can be tricky to master (or even be aware of) every single feature it contains. If you would like to expand your Photoshop capabilities, check out this fantastic video tutorial that features some of the best Photoshop experts in the world sharing their best tips for using the program.

How to Increase Your Photo Bookings

Every professional wants to book more clients, of course, but how to actually go about doing so is not always obvious. If that is something you would like to accomplish, but you are unsure of how to approach it, check out this fantastic video tutorial that features an experienced photographer that shares three useful tips that will put you on the right track.

What Is This Mystery Japanese 35mm Color Film?

When I was in Tokyo recently I saw a mysterious 35mm color negative film I'd never heard of before. The only course of action was to buy the film, shoot it, and see what it was like. So how did it turn out and what film was it? Keep reading and find out.

How to Create Eye-catching Wraparound Light in Portrait Photography

You might think that creating enveloping wraparound light requires multiple sources, but it can actually be done with just a single source. This fantastic video tutorial will show you how to create such a portrait using only a single light and a small home studio.

A Look at the Leica M11 Monochrom Camera

Although they are not that common, black and white cameras can provide a unique experience and incredibly smooth tonality. The Leica M11 Monochrom promises a pure photography experience and some of the best image quality out there. How does it hold up in practice? This excellent video takes a first look at the performance and image quality you can expect from it in usage.

How Photography Has Saved My Life

As the stigma around discussing mental health begins to improve, join me in this article to learn about how I have used photography over the years to help with my fight against PTSD and depression. Trigger warning: this article contains references to suicide, which some may find upsetting.

An Honest Look at Your Chances of Being a Professional Photographer

Professional photography is a challenging career choice, taking a wide range of skills and tough skin. If that is something you are considering, check out this fantastic video essay that features an experienced professional photographer discussing what it takes to be a professional and the chances of finding success.

Astonishing Super 8 Drone Footage

Strap yourself in, Jason De Freitas is back with a new project. This time he’s attached a Super 8 Camera to a drone and the footage is astonishing.

Rode Wireless Me Versus DJI Mic

Wireless mics have come a long way in the last few years. In this post, we will look at four different systems, with a focus on the newest mics from Rode and DJI.

A Beginner's Guide to One-light Portraits

When you are new to working with artificial light, it is important to start out with a single source at first to build your confidence and knowledge. And just because you are only shooting with one light, it does not mean you can't produce professional-level images. This fantastic video tutorial will show you everything you need to know to get started with one-light portraits.

Important Advice for Professional Photographers

Being a professional photographer is quite a challenge, as you need to wear many hats and wear them all well. Of course, you need strong technical skills behind the camera and at your computer, but those are not enough. In fact, creativity is arguably more important. This excellent video features an experienced professional discussing why skills in lighting, composition, and creativity should be a top priority for professionals.

A 10-Minute Beginner's Guide to Photography

You have bought your camera and lens, the memory card is installed, and the battery is charged. Now what? There are some fundamentals every new photographer should learn before they head out shooting, as having these down will help you take greater control of your images and gain more confidence with your camera. This great video tutorial will show you the basics of photography in just 10 minutes.

How to Create a Stunning Home Studio on a Budget: My Home Studio Secrets

Have you ever fantasized about transforming a corner of your home into a professional photography haven? Are you eager to cut costs, minimize stress, and craft remarkable images for your clients, all from the comfort of your own space? If so, this article is for you. As a seasoned headshot and portrait photographer, I've recently transitioned from a sprawling industrial studio in Richmond, Virginia to my cozy, basement-based studio in Atlanta, and I couldn't be more delighted.

How Good Is This Affordable 900mm Lens?

Generally, as you move into supertelephoto focal lengths, lens prices start to increase simply because of the sheer amount of glass it takes to produce such extreme images. That's why, at $699, the Tokina SZ 900mm f/11 Pro Reflex MF CF is an intriguing option. Can it offer good performance and image quality despite that modest price? This excellent video review takes a look.

The Versatility of a 150-600mm Lens

About a decade ago, 150-600mm lenses exploded in popularity, as offerings from companies like Tamron and Sigma gave photographers the opportunity to access decent image quality at focal lengths that were traditionally prohibitively expensive for most users. They have only grown in popularity in recent years, and their versatility and affordable prices make them an excellent tool for many applications. This helpful video discusses some of their best and lesser-known uses.

5 Crucial Details to Discuss With Clients Before a Shoot

Doing photography professionally does not only require you to be good at taking pictures. There are additional competencies that one must have to be able to provide what your clients need and one of the most important ones is communication.

A Beginner's Guide to Aperture

Aperture, together with shutter speed and ISO, is one of the three foundational parameters for achieving well-balanced exposures and significant creative control over your photographs. If you're new to photography and want to improve your images, don't miss this fantastic video tutorial that demonstrates the intricacies of aperture and how to use it to take better photos.

A Review of the Google Pixel 7A Smartphone

The Google Pixel 7A smartphone strikes a nice balance between price and performance, making it an intriguing option for many Android users. This excellent video review takes a look at the phone and the sort of performance you can expect from it in usage.

Is This the Best Drone for Landscape Photography?

In the last few years, the increasing image quality and decreasing size of drones has made them a fantastic addition to landscape photographers' toolkits. The DJI Mavic 3 Classic strikes a nice balance of price and capabilities, making it an intriguing option. This excellent video review takes a look at the drone and the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in usage.

How to Cash In on ERAS Photos as a Photographer in the Spring and Summer: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you are a photographer looking for a low competition niche market that is in high demand during the spring and summer months, you might want to consider offering ERAS photos. ERAS stands for Electronic Residency Application Service, and it is the system that medical students use to apply for residency programs in the United States. As part of their application, they need to submit a professional photo that meets certain specifications and showcases their personality and professionalism. This photo can make a big difference in their chances of getting an interview and matching with their preferred program.

Boudoir Photography on Location in Bali

If you are looking for amazing tips of posing models and how to use natural light, this video has it all. In this video, Michael Sasser travels to Bali, Indonesia and shares behind-the-scenes footage along with lots of tips and tricks that will help you in boudoir and portrait photography.

$50 Versus $5,000 Camera in a Car Shootout

We've all heard the age-old adage that gear doesn't matter and sometimes that's true. However, it's sometimes hard to visualize how that plays out and so videos like this one are a great demonstration.
A Review of the Fujifilm X-T5 Mirrorless Camera

The Fujifilm X-T5 mirrorless camera takes the company's beloved X Series design and form factor and adds a huge range of new features and upgrades, most notable being a new sensor with the highest level of resolution ever seen in the line. This excellent video review takes a deep look at the camera and the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in usage.

How to Find Your Creativity in Landscape Photography

One of the trickiest aspects of landscape photography is that, unlike many other genres, you have no control over the elements in the frame, and as such, it can be tricky to find your individual voice and sense of creativity. It is not impossible, though. This great video tutorial discusses the topic and offers a range of helpful advice on how to find your creative voice in the genre.

What Makes You a Successful Photographer? And Do You Even Need to Be One?

You see them all over the internet, on your socials, exhibiting in galleries, and lining up clients by the dozens. Successful photographers seem to have it all figured out, and that makes you feel like you’re doing everything wrong. Do not worry. You’re not alone in this.
When to Go Full-time With Your Photography Business

I've been a full-time photographer for almost 15 years now, and I remember the pain of swapping my part-time hobby to be my full-time career. Katelyn James looks at how, when, and why you'd want to do this and lists the three key steps to consider if you decide to go full-time.

5 Helpful Portrait Photography Tips for Beginners

Portrait photography is one of the most popular genres, but it can be a particularly tricky one, as you have to have not only solid camera technique, but the ability to work with people well. If you are new to portrait photography and looking to improve your images, check out this fantastic video tutorial that features a seasoned shooter sharing five useful tips.

How To Take Epic Portraits of the Bride

Bridal portraits are a key part of the wedding day. So let's make them epic. This article is part two of a series where I walk through a series of favorite images from a bridal session.

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Own DIY Mist Filters

Have you been wanting to achieve that trendy dreamy look in your photos and videos but hesitant to spend money on the filters to do so? This quick tutorial just might help you be able to try it out.

3 Helpful Beginner Landscape Photography Tips

Creating a successful landscape image takes a combination of several factors, including good technique, knowledgeable planning, lots of patience, and more. And as such, it can be a lot to try to master when you are first starting out. If you are new to landscape photography and looking to improve, check out this great video tutorial that features an experienced landscape photographer sharing three tips that will put you on the right track.

Why You Should Use Commercial Photography Hides

The use of commercial photography hides can be a controversial subject amongst wildlife photographers. In this article, I discuss the pros of such hides and how they can help you photograph those more elusive animals.

Tips for Better Landscape Photos in New Locations

Do you struggle with your landscape photography when at a new location? It can be challenging when you are photographing a new area. You don’t have a go-to composition, you don’t know when the light is best, and so on. This video walks through how one photographer approaches a new location.

A Definitive Guide to Master Your Lenses in 15 Minutes

This is a great video for beginners and experienced photographers alike who are looking to get more out of their gear. In this video, Simon d'Entremont gives a definitive explanation of different lenses and how they can work best for you.

6 Reasons Why Printing Your Photos Is Important

As a photographer, I spend a lot of time taking photos, editing, blogging, and posting them on social media. However, are these photos just meant to be viewed for the 24-hour period (or less) that they're displayed on social media, only to disappear forever? Personally, I believe it’s important to create and share something tangible and special in this digital age of noise and instant gratification. That's why I've started to print my photos, and below are some reasons why you should too.

Several Different Ways to Make Money as a Photographer

There are several different ways to make money as a photographer, and the more you can diversify your income streams, the more you can ensure financial security. If you are working on improving your photography business, check out this helpful video tutorial that shows you several different ways you can use your photography business to make money.

The Joys of Large Format Landscape Photography

In the era of digital photography, it can be easy to click away without a second thought, but what if every time you pressed the shutter, it cost you $5? That might sound like an insane proposition, but the beauty of large format photography is that you get images that are simply not possible with a full frame camera or even with the most expensive modern medium format camera. This neat video takes you behind the scenes to show you large format landscape photography's process and some of the images you can create.

How to Take Great Wildlife Photos With Budget Gear

Wildlife photography can be a tremendously enjoyable genre, but it can also often need a heavy dose of rather expensive specialized equipment. Nonetheless, you can still create fantastic images with affordable cameras and lenses. This useful video tutorial will give you a range of useful tips to help you get the most out of budget equipment and still come home with excellent photos.

Stepping Into the World of Street Photography

Although I like photographing people, I never dared to step into the world of street photography. But recently I have tried it a few times, with mixed results. I would like to share my experiences and give some tips for those who like to try this for the first time also.

A Guide to Editing an Image in Lightroom From Start to Finish

If you are new to editing your images, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the dozens of sliders and adjustments available to you in Lightroom. They are not too difficult once you get the hang of them, though. This great video tutorial features an experienced photographer sharing his Lightroom editing work to get you on your way.

Is Artificial Intelligence the End of 'Real' Photography?

It feels like stories about AI have dominated photography news over the last year. Part of me keeps ignoring the headlines as an irrelevance, but chirping away in the background, the other part of me keeps asking: what does it all mean? What's AI capable of? Will it really be a revolution? And perhaps the biggest question of them all: are photographers at risk of becoming obsolete because of AI?

Amazing Photo Locations in Greece

Greece is not only a country of rich history and culture, but it's also full of stunning landscapes and picturesque islands. This makes it a great place for photography, and in this article, I share some of the best photo spots Greece has to offer.

Should You Spend Money on a Camera or Lens?

You have some money saved up and you are ready to start building your gear collection. Should you spend your money on a good camera or a nice lens? It is an important decision that can have a significant impact on the quality of your images, and this excellent video will show you why.

A Photography Tip With Proven Results

When it comes to photography advice, there are nearly as many pieces of wisdom as there are photos. In this video, Mark Denney offers one tip that always gets him results.