Photographers Shoot From the Hip in This Blind Camera Challenge

As photographers, we often find ourselves in a rut,taking things too seriously and forgetting just how fun it can be at times. These photographers decided to challenge themselves by trusting their experience to get the shot. No metering, no EVF, and no chimping.

Flickr Is Drastically Reducing the Size of Free Accounts

If you want to have Flickr host more than 1,000 of your photos, you'll need to upgrade to a pro account. It's quite a change from the free TB they've been giving users and photographers since 2013.

Make Your Cutouts Pixel Perfect With Ease

There are many ways easily to cut out an object from an image using Photoshop, but inevitably, the very edge of your object is imperfect. In this video, Colin Smith at PhotoshopCafe shows us how clean up those edges not just quickly, but perfectly.

Top 10 Geminids Meteor Shower Captures Found Around the Web

Although some of us either slept through the night or couldn't see the stars due to weather, a lot of photographers set up their rigs and captured the spectacle known as the Geminids Meteor Shower. Check out some of the highlights we found around the web.

Advantages of a Crop Sensor in Landscape Photography Concerning Depth of Field

A lot of landscape photographers prefer a maximum depth of field when photographing wide landscapes. They love to use small apertures in combination ultra-wide angle lenses, making use of hyper focal distances or even focus stacking to achieve their goal. But not many have ever considered using a camera with a crop sensor for that goal.

Convert Your Lightroom Presets Into Capture One Styles Easily

When switching from Lightroom to Capture One, I hear many users complain about not being able to bring their presets into their new photo editing software of choice. Well, thanks to Picture Instruments, it's now possible!

What Constitutes Cheating in Photography?

Even though we're firmly in the age of Photoshop and advanced digital manipulation, the issue of honesty of representation and what constitutes cheating in photography has a lot more history and nuance than just the clone stamp. This thoughtful video examines the topic and what it means to cheat in photography.

Viral Photos Suggesting Photographers Manipulated Paris Riot Images Proven Fake

Two photos are making the rounds on the internet: side by side, they illustrate how easy it is for documentary photographers to manipulate the severity of a situation. From the Paris riots, one image shows what looks like a large fire, while the other, a wider shot, reveals the size of the fire pales in comparison to what viewers had been led to believe. However, they’ve now been proved to have been taken at different locations.

How to Venture Successfully Into Wedding Photography Today

Wedding photography has changed vastly over the years. And as much as there is a growing potential for newcomers, there is also an amassing amount of challenges that one has to encounter. It is wise to have a clear understanding of the industry before taking the plunge.

Fstoppers Reviews Selens GE-500 3-Light LED Kit

Lighting is everything. As a photo professional, I know this. I've dealt with lights for stills photography for about 15 years now, and although I'm always learning, I'm pretty confident around lighting. Video is an entirely different beast altogether. Although I love my AD600, it does me very little good trying to capture anything in video. Selens as come up with a "low-cost" 3-light kit that may appeal to those looking to hone their video lighting skills. Let's see how it did!

The Stopping Power of the Still Image

Have you ever been casually scrolling through your social media feeds, not really paying attention when suddenly an image arrests you? If you’re anything like me, this is a daily occurrence and one of the reasons to use social media. I can’t say the same thing for video.

Which Focal Length Is the Best for an Editorial Photoshooot?

Every well-rounded photographer needs to be able to tell a story in three images or less. This is particularly important when shooting editorial content for online publications and in print magazines. On today's assignment, I explore three different focal lengths to capture a well-rounded story of a local musician.

Lume Cube: Now Available for Mavic 2

A few years back, Lume Cube hit the market with a very small, bright LED light that is close to the size of a GoPro Hero 5 Session. These little lights have built a name for themselves over time and are now available for the Mavic 2.

A Quick, Easy Photoshop Fix for Common Issues

Photoshop is an amazing, complex tool. When it works, everything is great. When something isn’t working or even worse, works intermittently, nothing is worse. Recently, in dealing with a problem I had, I learned an essential troubleshooting tip, which I’ll definitely make use of in the future.

How Dirty Gear Can Make for More Engaging Photos

Most of us go to great lengths to keep our gear nice and clean. The last thing you want is for your lens to affect your images simply because of how downright filthy it is, unless that's exactly what you want. This video shows you how occasionally letting your gear get dirty can be a good thing.

The Harrowing Lives of War Photographers

War photographers routinely put themselves in grave danger to document the violence of war and conflict. This excellent video talks about the legacy of those photojournalists who have been injured or lost their lives and how others are using their skills to teach young people about photojournalism.

Is The Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 The Best Value Zoom Lens For Sony?

If you have been searching for a more affordable zoom lens for your Sony mirrorless camera, then you should definitely check out this video and article. You are about to discover a real world comparison between the Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 and the Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master lens in the wilds of Arizona.

Fstoppers Reviews Palette Gear's Compatibility With Capture One

For a number of years, Palette Gear's Control Surface has been at the literal fingertips for users, enhancing workflows within Adobe's CC, Final Cut Pro X, to name a few. After years of waiting, Palette now offers full functionality with Capture One. Check out the integration after the jump.

Is Your Wide Angle Worth the Weight? Using a Bodycap as a Substitute

After injuring my back a couple of months ago, I’ve been on a quest to downsize, and part of that was rediscovering the mirrorless cameras and lenses I already owned. Along the way, I discovered that I had acquired not one or two, but three wide angle prime lenses, leading me to the question: which wide angle is the best, but also not too heavy?

How to Shoot and Edit Rings for Jewelry Photography

Glue guns and poster board. Who would have thought these basic craft items would be useful for photographing jewelry? This in depth tutorial by New Amsterdam Photo Video covers the entire gamut of shooting rings from set up and lighting, to focus stacking and retouching, and everything in between.

Cinematic Camera Movements to Practice and Learn From

It's never been easier to produce cinematic looking shots than it is right now. The advance of technology has been incredible in the last few years and we really are spoilt for choice in the best possible way.

Improve Your Lighting by Learning How to Break Down Light

When you're new to artificial lighting, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to put together successful images using strobes. This helpful video will teach you how to break down light so you can successfully create the images you'd like when you're using flash.

Why One Filmmaker Still Uses a Nearly Decade-Old Camera

The Canon 60D was a great camera when it was announced back in 2010, but of course, like any other camera that's almost a decade old, it's been far outpaced by the technology that has come out since its release. And yet, this filmmaker has stuck with it despite all that.

sRGB, Adobe RGB, ProPhoto RGB: Which to Use and Why?

Have you ever been confused about which color space you should use and wondered what the differences are? This video will help you understand, and most importantly, choose the correct one.

Wotancraft Ryker Bag Gets a Little Leica-Centric Brother: A Review

By now you are likely no stranger to Wotancraft and their incredibly delicious camera bags. We've reviewed a slew of them here on Fstoppers over the past few years, and I was not shy about remarking that their flagship Ryker is one of my favorite shoulder bags of all time.

What Is Canon Planning for 2019?

Following an entry into the world of mirrorless that was generally regarded as somewhat underwhelming, rumors suggest that Canon has some exciting developments in the pipeline for the coming year.

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How To Build A Business Plan As A Photographer - Part Three

In our first two segments of building a business plan, we’ve talked about defining your product and forming a long term vision. In this final section we will talk about some of the practical steps you need to take to take those hypothetical concepts and put them into action.

Top 20 Photography Stocking Stuffers for Under $20

It's that time of year again when you've suddenly realized there are less than two weeks to Christmas and Santa's stocking is looking sadly lackluster. So, what can you do to rectify the situation? Here are 20 ideas.

How to Use Masks and Luma Range in Capture One Pro 12

When Capture One Pro 12 was released, a couple of new features were introduced including more refined masking tools. In this video, Michael Woloszynowicz shows you exactly how to take advantage of masking in Capture One.

Everything You Need to Know About Filters in Landscape Photography

Landscape photographers make use of filters quite a bit to help control and enhance their imagery and to enable certain artistic choices. This helpful video will introduce you to the different types of filters and how they affect your photos.