Understanding Fine Art Photography With Leigh Schneider

As photographers, we often find ourselves at exciting places such as concerts, parties, and sporting events. Many photographers spend hours of their day working with other people. It is common to see photographers interacting with people and asking the people they are photographing to move a bit to the left or to position their hands differently. On the surface, it might seem that photographers are extroverts who love being out and about.

The Fun of Shooting Portraits With a Supertelephoto Lens

When it comes to portrait photography, most people will reach for a lens with a focal length between about 85mm and 135mm, maybe a little longer or wider for certain applications or creative exploration. But there is no rule that says portrait photography has to be shot at those focal lengths; you can easily push into more extreme options for a bit of fun and creative invigoration. This short video will show you some of what you can create when shooting portraits with a supertelephoto zoom lens.

The Best Sony Ultra-wide Angle Lens for the Money

I'm not a big fan of ultra-wide angle lenses. Shooting at 12mm usually requires that you get really close to your subject and create weird, warped-out-looking images, but I was recently hired for a job that required a wide field of view. I ended up buying three lenses to find the right tool for the job.

5 Bad Habits New Photographers Often Fall Into

Like any other craft, there are some common bad habits that new photographers often fall into, and these can both cause you to miss creative opportunities and to spend a lot of money you did not need to. This fantastic video tutorial features an experienced photographer sharing five common bad habits and how to avoid them to put yourself on the right track.

The Joy of Infrared Landscape Photography

If you have never photographed in infrared before, that is not your fault; modern cameras are designed to reject infrared light. However, with a special modification, you can open up an entirely new world that is invisible to the naked eye. This great video will show you some of unique and fascinating images that can be made with an infrared-converted camera.

How to Use Color to Make Your Photos Stand Out

Color is one of the most powerful tools photographers have at their disposal, but it often does not get the kind of attention it deserves. If you want to expand your creative palette and help your photos stand out more, check out this helpful video tutorial that discusses a variety of different color schemes you can use to create more powerful images.

Will Canon Replace Another Supertelephoto Prime Lens With a Zoom?

One of Canon's most exciting lenses is the new RF 100-300mm f/2.8 L IS USM, which takes the popular 300 f/2.8 supertelephoto prime and replaces it with a far more versatile zoom option at essentially the same price. Now, it appears the company may be planning a second major supertelephoto zoom lens.

Seizing Moments With Legends: Michael Haddi, Kate Moss, and Photo London

A classic combination: legendary photographer, Michel Haddi and a plethora of top-of-their-game models and celebrities. Some of Haddi's black and white portraits will be on display as part of Photo London 2023 through 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS gallery. Also, as part of Photo London, Haddi will be signing copies of the latest addition to his Legends anthology, this time focusing on Kate Moss.

The Best Desk Toys You Can Buy

We're always looking to bring our lives a little more joy and since most of us are chained to our desks throughout the day, I've decided to review the t13 highest-rated desk toys on Amazon.

Is the Sony FE 2X Teleconverter Worth It?

Often, as a wildlife photography enthusiast, I would love to have more reach when out in the field. This excellent video features a brilliant young photographer who is looking for a big performance from this small portable device.

Top Creative Photographers Have 10 Things in Common: Part One

Do you struggle with creativity? In the first of this two-part series, we will look at what science and psychology have discovered about people who are creative. The good news is that they are habits that you can learn. Here are some exercises to help you with that.

A Game-Changing Search Update: Google Photos

Google Photos is in the process of testing an enhanced search feature that allows users to perform complex queries, making it simpler and more efficient to find and manage photos within the platform. By catering to detailed and specific queries, users can locate their desired images with greater ease, thereby improving their overall experience.

Mylio Photos Is Relaunching as a Free App

Mylio Photos is about to be reborn as a free app with some options that will have a price attached. Mylio Photos is a complete photo management solution that allows users to easily collect, organize, browse, search, and share their media files, including photos, videos, and documents.

Cull and Edit an Entire Wedding in One Hour with Aftershoot

We've recently reviewed a lot of different programs that allow users to "train AI" to edit like they do in Adobe Lightroom. Aftershoot is the latest program to do this, but it has a few significant features that make it stand apart.
We Critique Photos We Took Before Starting Fstoppers

One of the hardest, cringiest things any photographer can do is go back and look at the images they created early in their career. In this video, Lee Morris and I revisit some of our best and worst images taken prior to launching Fstoppers.com. How bad are these photos? Let's find out!

5 Way ChatGPT Can Help You Improve Your Business

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm, and while it has some people rolling their eyes at the invasion of AI, it has a lot of potential as a business tool, and it is well worth taking the time to at least consider if it is something you should incorporate into your workflow. If you have not checked it out yet, this awesome video will show you five different ways you can use it to improve your photography business.

The Secrets to High-Quality and Efficient High-Volume Headshots

Producing high-quality headshots in high volumes can be a daunting task. However, with over 6,000 headshots produced annually, we have cracked a code to high-volume headshot success. We know firsthand how challenging it can be to work efficiently without sacrificing quality.

One of My Favorite Gadgets of the Year Is a Vacuum

Although at Fstoppers, we tend to focus on photography-related products, we occasionally feature gadgets and technology outside of our normal focus. The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra is one of the most incredible gadgets I've ever used, and I wanted to create a video about it.

This Ultra-Affordable Canon Lens Is Surprisingly Good

Canon has released some awfully impressive mirrorless lenses, but with all that top-level performance often come high prices as well. That is why, at $349, the Canon RF-S 55-210mm f/5-7.1 IS STM is a breath of fresh air. How much performance and image quality can it offer at that low price? This excellent video review takes a look at everything you can expect.

How To Take Epic Bride Prep Photos at a Wedding

One of the most important parts of any good book is the first few pages which draw in the reader in. That's what getting ready photos are for a wedding day. So let's make them epic.

A Review of the Very Portable Sigma 17mm f/4 DG DN Contemporary Lens

The Sigma 17mm f/4 DG DN Contemporary lens is so small that it barely reaches past the grip of the camera to which it is attached, making it an intriguing option for anyone looking for a highly portable wide angle lens. This great video review takes a look at the lens and if it can back up that portability with the performance and image quality professionals demand.

Will Going Pro Ruin Your Love of Photography?

One of the most common warnings you will hear about going pro as a photographer is that it will ruin your love for the craft. Why is that? Is it true, and if so, what can you do to mitigate that? This excellent video essay features a long-time professional photographer discussing the issue and his experience.

We Review the Amazing Canon RF 135mm f/1.8L IS USM

After 27 years, Canon finally released a new 135mm lens. Instead of a new EF lens, it’s an RF lens, obviously. How does this expensive lens perform, and is it worth the upgrade if you’re still using the old but trustworthy EF version?

Can Less Camera Gear Help You Take Better Pictures?

Many of us love our gear, and while it can be fun to play with, it can also (perhaps paradoxically) cause a certain amount of decision paralysis and actually become a hindrance to the creative process. If that is something you sometimes find yourself struggling with, check out this insightful video that shows why carrying just a single camera and lens can actually make you a better photographer.

Boudoir Photography: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Success

The primary objective for boudoir photographers is to empower their subjects, encouraging them to embrace their unique beauty and sensuality. Photographers can highlight the individual's strengths and showcase their personality through careful posing, lighting, and composition, creating a personalized and intimate experience.

Can Fujifilm's APS-C Cameras Keep Pace With Medium Format?

Fujifilm's latest X Series sensor bumps its resolution to 40 megapixels, putting the company's APS-C sensors on par with many full frame options in terms of detail and even pushing toward medium format levels. Medium format still holds the image quality edge, but how significant is the difference? Will APS-C satisfy your needs? This excellent video comparison takes a look at the X-T5 and GFX 50S II to help you choose.

16mm Portraiture: How Wide Is Too Wide?

Utter the words "16mm" when talking about focal length, and the first thing we think of is the dreaded distortion. But it doesn't always need to be such a bad thing! All-encompassing images can be an incredibly satisfying way of shooting. So, why do we fear the dreaded distortion in our images?

An Important Reminder of What Matters in Landscape Photography

For many people, landscape photography has become a popularity contest, chasing likes and adulation over creative inspiration and an individual voice. And that is a shame for many reasons, both individual and collective. This important video essay features an experienced landscape photographer discussing the issue and what really matters in the craft.

How to Get Great-Looking First-Person PoV Footage With Your iPhone

If you want to create more first-person footage, or gather some interesting b-roll, or even film some great behind-the-scenes footage, this video might be for you. Armed with just your iPhone and some DIY, you can have an excellent, albeit odd-looking, first-person rig.
A Review of the Premium ASUS ProArt PA32DC 4K OLED Monitor

With a 4K OLED panel, motorized built-in calibrator, and a range of other premium features, the ASUS ProArt PA32DC 4K OLED monitor is a top-of-the-line option that promises the sort of performance professionals demand. This excellent video review takes a look at the display and the performance and image quality you can expect from it in practice.

Woodland Photography at Night

Woodland photography works best during foggy days. It helps to simplify the often chaotic forest environment. Soft sunlight early in the morning or late in the evening can also create a beautiful mood for your woodland photos. But what if you have neither fog nor the right light conditions? You can create those yourself, as I show in this article.

5 Easy Ways to Edit Faster in Lightroom

Most of us spend a lot of time in Lightroom, and as such, it is well worth examining your workflow and finding any spots where you can increase your efficiency, as even small changes can up to big savings. This great video tutorial discusses five easy ways to increase your efficiency in the program.

Fstoppers Photographer of the Month (April 2023): Max Klein

The Fstoppers community is brimming with creative vision and talent. Every day, we comb through your work, looking for images to feature as the Photo of the Day or simply to admire your creativity and technical prowess. In 2023, we're featuring a new photographer every month, whose portfolio represents both stellar photographic achievement and a high level of involvement within the Fstoppers community.

A Look at Lightroom's New AI Denoise Tool

Adobe recently rolled out one of its biggest Lightroom feature updates in quite some time: AI noise reduction. Promising to vastly out-perform the previous system, the new functionality has some stiff competition from many other options. How does it perform in practice? This great video overview takes a look at what you can expect.

How Good Is the M2 iPad Pro?

When they first came out, iPads were fun devices built for things like content consumption, but in recent years, they have evolved into some of the most powerful and versatile creative tools out there. Sitting at the top of the lineup is the iPad Pro M2, and this great video review takes a look at why it is so useful, particularly when paired with the latest Apple Pencil.

A Review of the Affordable Canon EOS R50 Mirrorless Camera

Priced at just $679, the Canon EOS R50 is one of the most affordable mirrorless cameras on the market right now, though it still comes with a nice range of capable features. This great video review takes a look at the camera and the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in practice.

Adapt or Perish: AI Is to Digital What Digital Was to Analog

AI this, AI that. I know, we're all getting a bit fatigued with the conversation. But, the truth is, it is looking as if it will be the next major evolution in many industries, photography included. And so, it's worth reminding ourselves that we must adapt or perish.
Which of These Canon Cameras Is Right for You?

Canon makes a range of mirrorless cameras that range from sub-$1,000 to well over $5,000. The EOS R7 and EOS R8 both sit at $1,500, making them an appealing pair of cameras that balance capabilities and cost. Which is right for you, though? This great video comparison takes a look at both to help you pick which is right for you.

Some of the Good and Bad of Each Camera Brand

Photographers and filmmakers have more choices in camera brands than ever before, with standards like Canon and Nikon to more niche options like Pentax. So, which is right for you? This excellent video opinion essay discusses the good and bad of 10 different brands to give a bit of insight into what each manufacturer is doing right and how they might fit your wants and needs.

When Is It Wrong to Upgrade Your Camera Gear?

Talking about camera gear and upgrading has always been a polarizing topic anywhere. We all love our cameras but differing opinions often lead to long discussions. But when is it really acceptable to upgrade?

Simple AI Tools Anyone Can Use in Their Photos and Videos

You cannot move for articles and videos about AI at the moment, but this is for good reason. Rather than heralding in the apocalypse, this video points out some of the simple and integrated AI tools that you can use in your post-production.
An In-depth Review of the Fujifilm X-H2 Mirrorless Camera

The Fujifilm X-H2 mirrorless camera took the highly respected X Series and added a high-resolution sensor for the first time ever, making it a desirable option for a wide range of creatives. This excellent video review takes a look at the camera and the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in usage.

Is Adobe Lightroom Classic's New AI Denoise Up to Scratch? We Review

Lightroom Classic is playing catch-up. AI-based masking had been around for a long time in programs like ON1 Photo Raw, but has only recently been released in Lightroom. Now, Adobe has turned its hand to noise reduction. Does it stand up to scrutiny?

When Is It Right to Go Full-time With Your Photography?

Becoming a full-time photographer can be a really exciting time, but it can be tremendously difficult to know when it is the right time to take the risk and step into the world of running your own business. If you find yourself considering that move, check out this helpful video that features an experience wedding photographer sharing three things to carefully consider before you make the jump to professional photography.

5 Ways to Speed Up Your Photo Retouching

Retouching can be a very time-intensive process, and as such, it is well worth finding ways to streamline your workflow wherever you can. This excellent video tutorial features an experienced pro sharing five ways you can make your post-processing workflow more efficient.