Common grackle

Beautiful colors albeit a common bird

Defending her babies

I have been watching a hawk nest with new born chicks. This was a windy cloudy bad light day with little action. I had...

The Challenger

A satellite bull elk crosses the river to do battle for the harem.

Bison Vanguard

I had to lay in the snow to grab this shot of a herd of bison being led down the road along the Madison River in...


Alligator reflections in South Louisiana's Fontainebleau State Park

Love in the treetops Eagle style

We have a resident pair of eagles on our small lake outside Kirkwood Mo. I’ve been following them for a few years as...

Taking my new lens out to a local zoo ..

Just got this Sigma 150-600 C, went out testing it in a local zoo. Got some shots I kinda like .. what do y'all think ?

Out of the Woods

A bull elk in Rocky Mountain National Park emerging from the woods.

Bird Watching in Lousy weather

We've lived in Montgomery County since 1980. The Perkiomen Creek is about half a mile behind my house on the other side...


Taken at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy Taken with an Canon R5/RF 100-500 Let me know your thoughts

Lace Monitor

Captured at Bobbin Head in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. Sudden appearance of large specimen venturing to picnic...

King of the Rockies

A bull elk in Rocky Mountain National Park. I sat and watched this bull laying in the grass for about an hour. Finally...

The Knysna turaco (Tauraco corythaix)

I am very happy with this shot I got of the legendary Knysna turaco aka loerie

Dinner time on Simpson Lake

Dark cloudy late afternoon is not a good time to be using a Canon Rf 800 mm lens but the R5 captured this Sequence of...


This image is from a hiking trip my best friend and I took this summer. The raccoon kindly was near the trail and just...

Bighorn Sheep Ram

Took a quick trip out to Jackson Hole, Wyoming after Thanksgiving, and was able to get some shots of the bighorn sheep...

Follow the Leader

Bison making their way through a snow covered valley in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

A Cooperative Hawk

Spotted this hawk (Red Tailed, I think) on Plum Island the other day.

A scary encounter

I often take a camera with me on daily hikes in the forest. Quite by accident I surprised a Bull Elk and his harem of...

The Eskimo Kiss

Two bears meeting nose to nose.